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Sanctuary Arrival Date

March 2024

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Jaxon was first surrendered to a local municipal shelter after his original owner moved to an assisted living facility and was unable to care for him. Jaxon was diagnosed with hyperthyroid during his stay at the shelter. Given his senior age and medical care, we welcomed Jaxon to the Sanctuary in March of 2024 at the age of 18 years old. Upon his arrival, Jaxon had a few mats that needed to be shaved and he was a bit underweight, most likely due to his hyperthyroid condition going untreated. He also has very bad breath and will need some dental work.

Now that he’s taking his proper medication and gaining an appetite, we can already see a difference in Jaxon’s personality and happiness! He is such a cuddle bug, loves to be pet nonstop, and will happily snooze on your lap all day! He recently just had some dental work, so hopefully once he’s fully recovered, he’ll feel even better!