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Happy Thanksgiving from the Sanctuary!

With today being Thanksgiving aka Turkey Day, I wanted to give the dogs turkey* to celebrate the holiday!
Tucker was a little apprehensive meeting his new friend, but quickly greeted him with a warm hug and a few kisses!
Estie was kind and gentle giving her new friend some licks and kisses…
okay, maybe some nibbles…
Mr. Cole was jumping for joy meeting Mr. Turkey!
But, love bug Atlas preferred some snuggles with his new friend!
Amber was a bit shy meeting someone new…
…but figured a few licks were needed for good measure!
Luna was also a bit nervous meeting her new friend, but after a few nibbles…
…they were bona fide couch buds!
Brooke decided to give her new friend a deep tissue massage, working out the kinks of his tail feather! What a great friend!
Aggie was in the giving mood this Thanksgiving and offered her bone to her new friend!
How sweet!
*Disclaimer: No turkeys were hurt in the making of this posting!