Happy New Year! – December Sanctuary Update

The end of one year and the beginning of another is always a meaningful time in our minds and in our hearts. As we move from 2019 to 2020, I want to take a look at some of the things at the sanctuary that have changed over this past year, will be changing in this coming year, and some things around here that never change.

Goodbye 2019!

Wow! What a busy year we’re leaving behind us. We just got through performance review and goal setting time here, and it was startling to see all of the things that felt like they happened years ago, but were actually just last winter. Once again, this was a big year for cultivating the great outdoors at the sanctuary. We added some much needed greenery around Jane’s Place, as well as several new trees for some shade for the dogs and, of course, the dog walkers. And then there was the addition of three new play yards, which have quickly become vitally important for the functioning of the dog team. Included in that is Serenity Play Yard, which is not only set up for physical therapy and agility work with the dogs, but is even equipped with special fencing to let the cats enjoy it. too.

Then there were the people changes as well. We lost Ariana and Maddie to greener pastures up north, but gained Bree, Briana, Taylor, and Laurie. And of course, we gained the fantastic Beth, without really even losing Heather, since she’s still around here lots, and is ever-present in all of our Facebook feeds. The caliber of caring and professional people that we are lucky enough to bring on board with our mission never ceases to amaze me.

And no look back is complete without talking about the wonderful dogs and cats that passed through our doors this year. We’ve had so many big adoption wins this year, from Tabby finding a loving home after five years with us, to our big lug Atlas finding a soft, quiet space to live out his days. It’s always amazing to see what the caring environment we’ve established here can accomplish. Check out this video of all the Our Companions adoptions this year, from the sanctuary and from the re-homing program.

Hello 2020!

And of course, there is lots to look forward to for this coming year. Once we survive the coming winter, we have a number of projects on the agenda to not only beautify the sanctuary, but also make it a bit safer and easier to get around. We’ll also be putting a big effort behind modernizing many of our systems to make them easier and more efficient for you all to use and for us to maintain. Get ready all of you who have complained about our old, clunky, confusing calendar sign up system! And you didn’t hear it from me, but we may even be planting the first few seedlings of our next big expansion to come in a few years. Who’s ready to play with some fluffy bunnies?! It will be an exciting year, and as always, a busy year. I can’t wait to share it with you all.

Some Things Never Change!

The most important thing to remember, though, as we look back at what has changed over 2019, and what’s ahead for 2020, is that the foundations of Our Companions never changes. We are here because individuals such you, our volunteers, staff, donors, and board members, all believe that, not only is it possible to save and rehabilitate dogs and cats that may have challenges with their health or behavior, it is important and valuable to do it. It’s so valuable that you are willing to give of yourself to make sure it happens. Wherever there is a need, we will do our best to fill it, because it is the right thing to do.

So as one more year passes by, let me thank you once again for everything you do to make the Our Companions vision a reality. We couldn’t do it without you!

The year finished off slow for incoming and outgoing pets here, which is usual. Priscilla arrived and was adopted right back out again a few days later. That made room for the arrival of Henri.

Thank you all so much for whatever way you support us and our mission. We couldn’t do it without you.


  1. Cheryl Henderson on January 8, 2020 at 1:37 am

    Great job everyone. Thanks for all that you do. Sending positive vibes for a fantastic 2020.