Generosity – Holiday Sanctuary Update

This is a busy time of year for everyone, and that definitely includes all of us here at the Our Companions Sanctuary. Luckily for me, there’s so many things going on that this update largely writes itself.

Every year it strikes me as odd to hear about this season of giving and generosity. Working here at the sanctuary, all I see throughout the year, from our donors, our volunteers, and our staff, is endless giving and generosity. Whenever there is a need for more help, new equipment, or an addition to the facility, there’s always someone ready to step up and support the needs of our mission. It sometimes makes me feel a little reticent to yet again ask you for even more, but then I just have to remind myself, that if you weren’t interested in going above and beyond for the good of homeless and special needs dogs and cats, you wouldn’t be here. So here’s a run down of all the holiday fun and support opportunities going on with Our Companions.

To kick off the fun, check out this lovely video, starring the magnetic and endearing Kahlua…oh, and also our CEO, Susan, promoting our Year End Newman’s Own Foundation Challenge fundraiser.

With all of the hustle and bustle of the season, we so appreciate your continued dedication to Our Companions, and especially the dogs and cats at the sanctuary. We also know that, given how much these special pets mean to you and are a part of your life, that you might want to do something a little special for them during this season of giving. So once again this year, we’re posting the Our Companions Secret Santa Amazon Wish List. We’ve made a list of some of the best toys and treats to bring a smile to the Our Companions furry family. Just click here and purchase any item or items you wish to send, and they will ship right here. And please feel free to send along a note to any particular dog or cat you wish to send some extra holiday love. We’ll keep and post the notes throughout the season.

Last year, our wonderful volunteer Lisa G had an idea for a giving tree. She took the time to decorate ornaments with the names of goodies we always need. Stuff like food, paper towels, supplements, and all the more daily care items for the critters will be on the tree at Sebastian House. You can take down one of the ornaments as your way of saying “yep, I’m gonna buy this for the OC pets!” You can even place it under the tree!

There’s so many ways to help the animals this holiday season. Thank you for keeping the sanctuary merry and bright with your time, energy, donations, and the creative ways you come up with to help out.

November and early December saw some fun adoption action. In what was nearly a record short stay here, Machiatta found a home with some chihuahua aficionados just a few weeks after arriving. Filling her tiny shoes, though only three of them, is our newest three legged doggie guest, Vinny.
On the cat side, terrific tortis Nutmeg and Matilda both went home. And we filled right back up again with the arrivals of Emmie, Jingles, Jumanji, and Patrick. Also, it appears fortune was not on Lucky’s side this time, as he found his way back to us after an irreconcilable difference with another cat in his new home. We’re sure Lucky will have better luck next time!