Feed the Beasts Recap

Starting five years ago in 2018, a friendly competition formed between our Sanctuary guests to see which species could raise the most food! There were two wish lists, one for the dogs and another for the cats, filled with crucial food, supplements, treats, and many more goodies that are essential to the quality of care we provide for our guests. Whichever species raised the most items won the title “Superior Species at the Sanctuary”! As you can imagine, with many of our special-needs animals needing special diets, the cost of food can add up pretty quickly! With the support of our amazing community, each year we raised several thousand dollars of food that helped immensely with feeding our beautiful beasts!

Every year the competition was fierce between our dynamite dogs and our feisty felines! The true test of whether you’re a dog person or a cat person became very evident within our community as we were tallying all the goodies! Yet when this year’s challenge was approaching, the OC team was thinking of doing something different. With the world seemingly so divided and our Sanctuary growing, welcoming more furry guests, our dogs and cats decided to have a truce and instead have one wish list that would make all of our guests happy, healthy, and bellies full! We coined this year’s fundraiser- Feed the Beasts: Harmonious Edition!

To add even more to this year’s twist, we also decided to randomly select five people that participated in this year’s challenge to win a lovely prize! The prizes were a custom tongue painting from the Sanctuary guests of their choosing! We loved getting our Sanctuary guests involved as a thank you to our community for helping us care for our creative, talented animals! Check out the video below for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look of our artists at work!

We are so incredibly grateful for everyone that participated in this year’s Feed the Beasts edition! We were able to raise over $8,000 worth of vital food, supplements, treats, and more for our lovely animals at the Sanctuary! This is such a huge help in our budget and ensuring the utmost care for our special-needs animals!

And congrats to Elizabeth, Mandy, Michelle, Lorraine, and Sherry for winning a custom Sanctuary pet painting! We look forward to seeing what next year brings!