Feed The Beasts – July Sanctuary Update

Hi Everyone!

It’s one of my favorite times of year! Drought Season? No! Beach Season? Goodness, no! Political Primary Season? Definitely not!!


It’s that time of year when our volunteers, board members, donors, and fans of Our Companions from all over generously gather together to keep our dogs and cats well fed for the year. It’s an amazing outpouring of love for our furry friends that warms my heart, as well as all the rest of the staff. Whether it’s a few bags of treats, or boxes full of canned food, every contribution makes a huge difference in supporting Our Companions in our mission to help these vulnerable animals heal, and eventually go to a loving home.  

Who could resist Juno’s sweet begging face?

This year, we’re doing something a little bit different. In years past, we set up Feed the Beasts as a competition to see which species’ fans, dog people or cat people, would donate more, and it was generally the cats who came out on top. But it’s been a tough few years for everyone, and there’s contentiousness and ill will everywhere you look. So we thought it was a good time for the dogs and cats at the sanctuary to demonstrate some unity and cooperation. So this year, dog fans and cat fans alike will be working together to help us reach $10,000 in donated food and supplies for the sanctuary. This is a major part of our operational budget each year and will go a long way to keep us operating in a way that both provides the best care for the animals, but also keeps us financially secure.  

So just click HERE, now through the end of August, to go to our Amazon wish list to purchase these needed items for us. We are so grateful for whatever you can contribute. And as a demonstration of our gratitude, all donors will be entered into a drawing for a special prize at the end of the event. So make sure you enter your name to go on the gift receipt that gets sent along with the shipment.

Bootz thinks cookies are a basic necessity
Arya believes chicken is the most important meal of the day
Captain Crunch could munch on cat grass all day!
Mickey enjoys his treats with a side of fun!
Lucky was wondering if you could spare some treats

Simon Says

Hi Everyone!

Wow! We have had some very hot days out there recently! Of course, that’s the way we cats like it. Give me a warm lap or sunny spot, and I’m a very happy guy. But, I understand it can be pretty rough on you humans. I guess that’s why this is vacation season. As I watch my office mate wrangle with schedules, I see lots of people’s plans for summer fun. And that’s great! You all deserve it! However, it does put a strain on things here at the sanctuary. So if you’re heading off for adventure and excitement sometime this coming August or September, consider putting in a little extra time when you are around to help cover someone else’s vacation plans. It would mean lots to the two legged and four legged crew here.



And of Course…Adoptions!!

We had some super special adoption movement on the cat team in July. First, feline power couple Chevelle and Ren went to their forever home together. It was a big win since, while Ren is an outgoing and social guy, Chevelle is pretty shy. So pairing up with Ren really helped Chevelle fin her way home. Then, longtime resident Oakley went home in July. This shy guy had been at the sanctuary for a few years, but we always knew the right home was out there somewhere. Arriving at the sanctuary this month were the trio of Wallace, Gromit, and Totti in the cats, and little loves Arya and Tater Tot in the dogs.

Thank you all so much for whatever way you support us and our mission. We couldn’t do it without you.

Jon Phillips

Sanctuary Director