Feed the Beasts: Cats Win!

Ripley, as photographed by Liz, is very excited to announce that the cats can be crowned Supreme Species of the Sanctuary this summer – having WON the Feed The Beasts competition.

Our doggie friends finished with $4,379.48 in donations, but the cat supporters accumulated $5,700.49 by the end. Our feline fans were definitely holding a grudge from last year, and out to make sure they came out on top this year. The canine club only managed to grab the lead once or twice, but were left in the dust by surge from the cats in the last week. And of course, the best part is a store room packed full of food for all of the guests at the sanctuary. We pulled together a jaw-dropping total of $10,079.97 worth of food and supplements this year, which dwarfs our total last year of $4,951.42.

Huge huge HUGE thanks to every single one of you who made a purchase or helped to spread the word!!

Congratulations to the kitties!