February Low Cost Veterinary Clinic

For our February 3rd low cost pop-up veterinary clinic, we teamed up with a new veterinary partner- Veterinary Care Everywhere (VCE). VCE is a non-profit, mobile vet unit that focuses on providing low cost pet care to the disabled, veterans, and seniors. While they typically provide at home care through their mobile vet van, we were able to partner with VCE and the Manchester Housing Authority to create a pop-up clinic inside one of their resident community rooms!

Prior to the event, we helped our clients pre-register for the clinic through VCE’s website portal to prepare for their appointment. The morning of the clinic was cold and windy, but 11 patients were able to brave the weather and make it to the clinic! The VCE serviced two dogs and nine cats for the day. The pets were able to get up-to-date on vaccinations, heartworm preventatives for the dogs, and even some on-the-spot grooming for a cat with matted fur. One of the dogs was treated for a double ear infection that day, and through our partnership, we will address any follow-up suggestions from the veterinarian, like some needed dental work for the cats. We did provide additional financial assistance for each of our clients and paid for nail trims!  

Even with the event being our first time partnering with VCE, everything ran smoothly and efficiently! The VCE veterinarian and techs were wonderful and made sure to give each client and pet individualized attention and care. We were told VCE usually has a 50% no-show rate so they were very impressed with how organized and thorough we were at Our Companions. Big thanks to our wonderful team and our Community Outreach Coordinator, Janice, for making it happen!