Featured Pet: Yetti

Adopted as a kitten with his littermate, who coincidentally is all black, white and fluffy Yetti joined a family with two other older cats. The older cats were nine and thirteen years old and weren’t too keen on having to share their home with two rambunctious kitten brothers. Harmony in the home lasted as long as it could until the older cats started to exhibit stress-related peeing accidents. Being fully grown, but still having that kitten energy inside, Yetti was too much for the other cats to handle. With a lack of play time and enrichment, even Yetti and his brother weren’t getting along and with four unhappy, unfulfilled cats in the home, the family contacted Our Companions for help.

Initially, we recommended a few management tools and resources for Yetti get his energy out in a more constructive way to help avoid any clashing between the cats. Yet as time went by, the family was adamant that rehoming was the best solution for Yetti. At three years old, Yetti was entered in our Rehoming Program, which allows the pet to stay in the home our team promotes and searches for their perfect match. As time went on, tension in the household began to increase and when we had available space, Yetti was then invited to our Sanctuary in March.

As soon as Yetti came to our Sanctuary and had his own space to thrive, Yetti settled in right away. He began to meet all of his new friends at OC and loved greeting everyone at his door with a little meow! The key to Yetti’s heart is through play time! Whether it’s with feathers, mice, or wand toys, he is always down for good game of chase and catch! He particularly likes catching the toys in his mouth and running away to enjoy his fresh “prey”- it’s too cute! Yetti also loves independent play and loves showing off his smarts figuring out games and enrichment activities! He certainly has an independent, confident side to him where he appreciates his alone time, taking a nap and resting. Once he’s all set with his exercise for the day, Yetti will wait for the perfect opportunity to hop on your lap for pets and love! Chin scratches are his favorite! He also loves being brushed and told how handsome he is! He really encompasses the best of both worlds- playful and affectionate!

One thing to know about Yetti is that he’s deaf! He was born deaf and his loss of hearing has had no effect on him- he still lives life to the fullest! Just be sure not to startle him while sleeping and definitely forget about using kissing noises to get his attention! If anything, his deafness has made him even more fearless! Much to everyone’s surprise, an OC staffer caught Yetti enjoying a thunderstorm out on his catio, taking in the beautiful lightening and clouds, and he didn’t even mind getting his paws wet!

Though he didn’t seem upset seeing his feline friends next door on his catio, we imagine he played too rough with other cats and does much better as an only pet in a home. A low activity home with lots of play time and a window to watch the day go by would be perfect for Yetti! At three years old and in great health, Yetti is ready to start the next chapter of his life and would make a wonderful companion to any loving home and person. There’s no doubt you’ll fall in love at first sight upon meeting this sweetheart! If interested in learning more about Yetti, please contact Our Companions at 860-242-9999 or email [email protected]!