Featured Pet: Wavy Gravy

After being adopted through a friend, Wavy Gravy was brought to his new home where another cat named Snickers resided. Despite the woman being optimistic about the two, Wavy Gravy and Snickers were having a very difficult time getting along. Wavy Gravy had to take the submissive role to survive amongst Snickers, who preferred to solely reign over her domain. The woman labeled their existence in the home as a “frenemy” relationship as they learned to barely tolerate each other. As years went by, whether it was building up to this point or not, a serious fight occurred between Wavy and Snickers. The dynamic now changed drastically and the woman was finding it much more difficult to have the two under one roof. After numerous failed reintroductions, she even sought after a pet therapist, which sadly didn’t help resolve the conflict that was happening. It was a difficult decision, but the woman ultimately decided that Wavy Gravy needed to live in an only pet household where he could be the apple of someone’s eye.

At 9 years old, the woman reached out to Our Companions to help with rehoming Wavy Gravy. Wavy also had FLUTD, Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease, which made him a great candidate for the Sanctuary to receive the medical and behavioral care he needed. FLUTD is very common with male cats and can have a variety of conditions that affect the bladder and urethra. Emotional or environmental stress, a multi-pet household or abrupt changes in routine can increase the risk of the development of FLUTD, which made a lot of sense in Wavy Gravy’s case. With all the stress he’s been living with, Wavy had developed bladder crystals and needed to be on a urinary diet and supplements to help. He did experience urinary blockages prior to the Sanctuary, but thankfully he’s been doing well when he had his own space at the Sanctuary.

When he first arrived, he was having a hard time managing the stress of his new environment, people, and routine. He would seek affection, but get overstimulated and wasn’t too sure what to do with his nervous energy. The Cat Team took things slow with him, putting a focus on play time to help him release any nervous energy and to help form a trusting bond between him and his new friends. It also was pretty clear he was eating a bit too much gravy and needed to lose a few extra pounds, so play time certainly helped with that! As time went on, he showed his affectionate side in a more relaxed state instead of being overwhelmed. He started to sit on laps more and be much happier having his friends all to himself!

Now being with us for over a year, Wavy Gravy has become such a loving companion! He seems to instantly purr when his friends visit, just waiting for the moment they sit down so he can hop up for lap naps! His absolutely favorite thing is when his friends give him little nose pets! He makes the most adorable faces, just showing you how content and happy he is to be with you! He will still get a bit overstimulated at times with his “love nips”, but does well with conscientious petting and play time! Wavy Gravy would thrive in a home where he can be loved and appreciated for the sweet boy that he is! He would make the perfect companion for someone that has a calm home where he can relax and keep you company around the house! As you probably expected, Wavy would absolutely love to be the king of his own castle one day and hopes that you can provide him the life he deserves! To learn more about totally tubular guy, please contact Our Companions at 860-242-9999 or email [email protected]!


  1. Margaret Colvin on January 7, 2022 at 10:03 am

    He’s beautiful! We have our own version of Wavy Gravy, so we cannot adopt him, but we’re crossing fingers that someone will!!!

  2. S.Sellers on January 8, 2022 at 8:33 am

    Wavy is such an affectionate guy! He will jump up on your lap, climb your chest, and doesn’t mind being held up from underneath his bottom. He will stay like that and nap on you for as long as you let him!! He likes to head-butt you too. And, his greatest joy is being rubbed from the tip of his nose back to between his eyes…thank you Laurie for pointing this out 🙂