Featured Pet: Skip

Skip’s story with us began the exact same as Cornbread’s, Skip’s roommate. Both sweethearts were abandoned at our Valerie Friedman Program Center in March, right at the beginning of the state mandated business shutdown. Thankfully, they weren’t outside for long before staff found the pair and were quickly brought to the vet and our Sanctuary for evaluation and care.

At around 10 years old, Skip was certainly nervous at first, especially given the trauma he just endured, but he also seemed very lethargic and unwell. He was underweight, despite Cornbread being overweight, and seemed to have some mobility issues. After a number of tests, the vet discovered Skip had diabetes and his condition was most likely going untreated for quite some time. The team immediately went right to work to help rehabilitate Skip’s condition. They scheduled out his insulin, managed his meals, and made sure his state of health was carefully observed. Staff even laid out plenty of comfy beds and hiding spots close to him so he didn’t have to move far to feel comfortable and safe.

With enough care and love, it wasn’t long before Skip started to flourish. He was like a caterpillar that seemed to transform into a butterfly over night! He started to gain strength, have great appetite, became much more awake and outgoing, and even started to be more playful! He went from being nervous and sometimes shy when friends would visit to competing with Cornbread about who would greet their friends in their room first! Everyone watched in amazement as Skip’s physical health improved, his mental health truly did as well.

Though Skip does receive insulin every day, he’s a champ when it comes time for his shots and doesn’t mind them at all! Part of us feels like he knows it helps him feel better. He trusts in his friends that we’ll love and care for him, and even as a “thanks” he’ll give us plenty of head butts! As time has gone by, Skip’s blood glucose levels have been doing so well, he currently no longer needs insulin! Still, this can change at any time and we’ll closely watch him for any dip in behavior, but we’re so amazed at Skip’s sheer strength and improvements in health.

These days you’ll find Skip patiently waiting on his cat tree for people to come say hello (or maybe to bring him his next meal, but we won’t admit that to ourselves)! As soon as you take a seat in his room, Skip will immediately jump on your lap, purring a storm. He’ll often look up to you on your lap, waiting for you to give him more pets! Cornbread and Skip will take turns sitting next to you, soaking up all the attention and love! Both boys are happy, healthy, and looking for a family that will give them lots of pets and companionship.  Cornbread and Skip aren’t bonded, and therefore can go to a home separately, but if anyone is looking for a sweet pair to love and cherish, these boys are certainly it! To learn more about Skip, or even Cornbread, please contact our Helpline at 860-242-9999 or email [email protected].