Featured Pet: Ripley

After hearing one of his tenants passed away, a property owner went to check on the apartment to discover a very handsome feline friend left behind- Ripley. He was obviously very traumatized by losing his companion and being left alone in the apartment. Being painfully shy and afraid, Ripley would hide away from the property owner, who wasn’t too sure what to do, but finally caught Ripley to take him to the vet where he was surrendered. At about 3 years old, this was likely Ripley’s first trip to the vet for his neuter and vaccines. Given this special cat with special needs, Our Companions welcomed their doors and Ripley came to the Sanctuary in June of 2019.

It was very apparent since his arrival that Ripley needed plenty of patience and love. Not only did he lose his home, but the only person and life he’s probably ever known. Thankfully, our Sanctuary is a safe haven for these type of animals; a place of care and healing for vulnerable dogs and cats. It was clear that Ripley wasn’t the most socialized cat in his prior home. His signs and signals were sometimes misinterpreted. At times he liked pets, but would get overwhelmed and become fearful. Staff decided to shrink his circle of friends so he wasn’t overloaded with too much change. His small group of people gave Ripley lots of patience and respect. Ripley was given the time and space he needed to slowly trust in people to become more comfortable with himself and his surroundings. He truly appreciated having his small group that knew him and loved him for who he was. Given this opportunity to flourish at his own pace, he showed his sweet, adorable side.

One great outlet for Ripley is enrichment activities! Play time was a great way for him to release his energy, as well as a great opportunity to bond and spend time with his friends. He was able to let loose, chase after toys, and enjoy being a cat! Noticing his incredible intelligence, staff began to train Ripley on a number of skills! Ripley knows how to wave hello, “go to his place”, and can even play the cup game finding treats! Given this training and activity time, Ripley truly shined! He loved using his brain and being challenged, but he especially loved working hard for those tasty treats!

Now almost 5 years old, Ripley would love to start the next chapter of his life with someone that can give him the love and trust he needs to thrive! A quiet, adult home would be perfect for Ripley, especially one that would love to continue his training and skills! He would prefer to be the only pet in the home and have the run of the house! This smart stud would love a patient person seeking to love a special sweetie. To learn more about Ripley, please contact our Helpline at 860-242-9999 or email [email protected]