Featured Pet: Parker

Still a kitten at seven months old, Parker was found abandoned in a cat carrier at a bar. A Good Samaritan brought her to animal control where we heard about the young girl needing lots of play time and care that the ACOs knew the Sanctuary could provide. Once spayed, she was brought to our Sanctuary to help socialize Parker and give her the care she needed to thrive.

It was evident by the way she interacted with humans that Parker didn’t know what to do around people. Being a young cat with a mysterious past, she had all this energy that she didn’t know what to do with! Given that people were the only things around, she would instantly start playing with feet and hands when entering her room. As cute and innocent as it was, it certainly wasn’t a good habit to get accustomed to! To help redirect her energy, staff and volunteers would enter Parker’s room with a toy to help her focus her energy on the toy, rather than think of people has a human jungle gym! With enough consistency day after day, Parker quickly caught on that the toys were much more fun than hands and feet! Between feather toys, mice toys, or even a simple string, this girl can entertain you for hours just playing! She is quite the athlete too, demonstrating many flips and jumps catching her “prey”!

Parker appreciated all the play time and enrichment she received throughout the day, which made her more relaxed and comfortable around people. After her play sessions, she began to be a bit more affectionate and curious. Having all of her energy out, both her mind and body could be at peace to receive pets and love from her friends! Seeing Parker grow from a frenzied kitten to a lovely and lively young cat has been a beautiful transformation! She’s been making more and more friends each day, which has definitely helped getting some of her energy out!

With Parker thriving at our Sanctuary, it is time for her to continue flourishing in a home! At around one, Parker would greatly appreciate a cat savvy adult family that has lots of time to play with our party girl! She would do best as an only pet where she can have all the attention and love to herself! Given enrichment and respect, in turn Parker will give you endless laughter with her sparkling personality! She brightens our day just by being her silly self and she can’t wait to share that with a family of her very own! If interested or to learn more, please contact our Helpline at 860-242-9999 or email [email protected].