Featured Pet: Palmer

This unique-looking boy was welcomed to our Sanctuary last year. Prior to his arrival, his previous owner had him as a kitten, but sadly the owner became unwell and was no longer able to care for him. Palmer was passed around to a couple of people that were close to the owner, but ultimately he couldn’t find a permanent place to call home and was surrendered to a local municipal shelter. There, with all the hustle and bustle at the shelter, particularly with the dogs barking close by, Palmer began to shut down from the stress. We were contacted by the animal control officer that knew Palmer needed a quieter place to rest and relax. There was also an underlying tummy problem with Palmer that needed to be addressed, which would’ve been difficult with him in a state of constant stress. We welcomed Palmer to our Sanctuary in May of 2022, almost exactly one year ago.

Kitties needing quiet, calm environments is certainly our specialty, and it didn’t take long for Palmer to acclimate to his new space and get comfortable with his new friends. Staff and volunteers started to get to know this meek boy and found Palmer to have such a sweet, kind soul. So easygoing, Palmer would be happy for pets and attention, or happy to just have you sit by his side while he napped and snoozed the day away. He was just simply happy to have someone by his side to keep him company, and in turn, we loved having such a nice, gentle guy to keep us company as well! As time went on and he became more comfortable with his friends, he loved showing off his playful side too and this 14 year old would even enjoy independent play time by himself!

When Palmer arrived to us, we knew he was having some tummy troubles and would often have loose stool, pee frequently, and would vomit often. We ran a number of tests to investigate what was going on and he was put on some medication to help alleviate any discomfort and help resolve the symptoms he was experiencing. The steroids he was on could be the main reason as to why he was peeing frequently. His bloodwork pointed towards inflammation of his pancreas, but with a change of diet and the right combination of medication, Palmer’s stool started to become more normal and bloodwork later on showed that his pancreas function started to improve. Though further tests might potentially reveal what exact GI condition he’s dealing with, like an intestinal biopsy, after speaking with our vet at length, we decided to just keep continuing Palmer’s care as is. His appetite is good, he’s maintaining a great weight, doing well socially, and doesn’t appear to be in any discomfort or distress, therefore we rather not risk undergoing a biopsy and further tests at his age if he’s a happy boy with his current care!

Prior to posting him up for adoption, we asked one of his best friends at the Sanctuary how she’d describe Palmer to someone that has never met this lovely guy. Lindsey, Sanctuary Feline Team Assistant Manager, wrote this beautiful piece write-up…

Palmer is the embodiment of the Sleepytime Tea bear. This big senior tuxedo boy is as calm, cool, and collected as they come. He loves to snooze and snuggle. When you sit on the couch, he loves to stretch out next to you and keep you company. He’s happiest being by your side while you both chill. An independent boy at heart – he’s not super needy or clingy, but he always scoots a bit closer once he knows you’re in the room. He’s the kind of kitty that you’d want laying on your blanket while you read a book by the fire. When he’s seeking even more comfort, he’ll even sleep with his comically tiny paws resting gently on your lap. He’s friends with all the volunteers – even our young rambunctious kid volunteers gravitate toward him, and like the nice grandpa he is, he’s always willing to say hello and hang out. Volunteers love that he’ll stand at his catio door and wait for them to open it – even though he knows how to use the cat flap, which has given him the nickname “King Palmer.” Occasionally he will play – but it’s always very gentle and calm and sweet. Seeing him bat at fuzzy toy balls that you roll toward or lazily swat at ribbon toys whizzing overhead. If you have a sweet spot for calm and gentle older kitties who are looking to spend their golden years with a pal by their side and a friend to cozy up to, Palmer is your boy.

Palmer would love a home as the only pet, as his title “King Palmer” suggests! A quiet home where he can be loved and cherished by his family, to lounge and snuggle the day away. He’s doing very well with his current care and we’re happy to help such a sweet boy feel well and loved. And how could you not love his special markings on his nose and chin that make him so unique?! If interested and you’d like to learn more about purrrfect Palmer, please contact our Helpline at 860-242-9999 or email [email protected]!