Featured Pet: Nara

As a young pup, Nara was adopted by a couple where she lived with another dog in Florida. She’s a lovely mix of Pointer and Pit with a bit of Boxer! The family lived well together for quite a few years, but when Nara was around 4/5 years old, she started to exhibit some signs of uneasiness with her fellow canine friend. The couple worked on training and management in the home to help work out through any tension between the two dogs. As time went on, things started to escalate in the home and the couple sought further professional assistance for help. At the same time, they moved from Florida to Connecticut where they continued to try and work things out between the two dogs. After years of attempting to work things out in the home, the couple made the difficult decision to rehome Nara.

Once Nara gets comfortable with a person, she can be so sweet and kind! Nara, like many rescue animals, can be fearful of the world given their past experiences. People can certainly relate- new things can be a bit scary at first! But with trust and patience from her people, Nara can thrive, gain confidence, and learn to not be so scared with new things! The couple had never seen Nara get aggressive towards people, but the other dog in the home would make Nara uneasy, triggering her fear, and resulting in her having fights with the other dog. As an only pet, Nara would have the ability to bond with her new people, relax, and enjoy her life without the worries of another dog in the home!

Curious, loving, and sometimes a bit goofy-this all describes Nara! Nara also has an independent side to her and often likes to be on her own or do her own thing, but will always make sure to cuddle next to you in bed or while you’re hanging out on the couch! She can be a bit shy at first, but once she’s bonded with you, she will be able to show you her full personality and her love of sniffing, learning, playing, and more!  Soft toys are no match for her- she loves to have fun! Throughout the years, Nara has learned a lot through training, but would love the opportunity to continue that training! She would be able to show you all that she knows, but positive reinforcement training is an excellent way to bond and learn how to communicate with each other!

Nara is now 7 years old, around 50lbs, and would truly appreciate a quiet, adult household with a patient person to help her flourish! She might have some gray hairs growing in, but she has so much life and love to give! With some compassion and love, Nara is a wonderful companion that will give you love and kindness in return. As an only pet, Nara will be a happy girl whether it’s going for a walk, playing with a stuffy, or just simply enjoying couch time together! To learn more about Nara, please contact our Helpline at 860-242-9999 or email [email protected]!