Featured Pet: Missy

 Three year old Missy’s story first started when she was found as a stray puppy. She was adopted from the pound by a family that loved the little puppy’s wild side! Though as Missy got older, her curiosity got the best of her, and she jumped the back yard fence and came across a dog she didn’t like. They found that they were unable to handle her and she was returned to the pound. Knowing she needed more guidance and positive reinforcement training to help her be the best Missy she could be, she entered our Adopt-A-Shelter program. This program is held by Canine College Head Trainers where they go to local pounds to help train and socialize shelter dogs. Once the Covid pandemic begun and the Adopt-A-Shelter program was put on hold, Our Companions invited Missy to the Sanctuary to help continue her training and her search for a home.

Upon arrival, it was clear Missy had a ton of energy and was very excited to be around so many people! Like all of the dogs at the Sanctuary, the team started Missy on an enriched routine full of both mental and physical exercise. She thoroughly enjoys hiking the trails at the Sanctuary and going on field trips off the property with her friends. Yet, her favorite part of her walks are the play yards! She loves running around, chasing balls, and playing “find it” by sniffing out hidden treats in the yard. The only thing Missy is serious about is her zoomies! Once Missy gets started, it’s hard for her to stop! Just make sure you’re out of her way because she can’t control how much fun she has running around and letting loose!

With this added exercise in her routine, Missy became much more calm and happy inside the house. She appreciates couch time with her friends or simply chewing on her favorite tough toys and bones. After getting her zoomies out and being more relaxed, Missy loves learning! With our positive reinforcement training, she appreciates being encouraged to make great decisions and loves learning to listen to her friends. Though she sometimes gets a bit too excited when greeting people or upset seeing other dogs, she’s been improving each day! She would appreciate someone who can continue her training in a home, especially to help her bond with her new person.

Like any sweet Pitty, Missy just wants someone to understand her fun-loving side while giving her guidance to navigate through the world! She would enjoy an older teen/adult single family home, as well as a fenced-in yard for her to get those zoomies out! She would also appreciate being your one and only pet to get all of your attention! Missy is also crate trained and she certainly loves couch time with her people! Just meeting this girl, you’ll fall in love! Learn more about Miss Missy by contacting our Helpline at 860-242-9999 or email [email protected].