Featured Pet: Loki

Our Companions first heard about Loki about a year ago when he was surrendered to a kennel by his previous owners. The owners were going through a contested divorce and had to relinquish ownership of Loki. As one can imagine, this took a significant toll on Loki. At almost 7 years old, he lost his home and the only family he’s ever known. Life at the kennel proved to be very difficult for Loki and he was having a hard time adapting to this new space. He was getting increasingly frustrated at trying to accept these changes and was ultimately given anxiety medication to help him cope.

An incredible liaison for the dogs in the kennel contacted Our Companions for assistance to help get Loki adopted. We were able to schedule Loki a behavior evaluation and entered him in our rehoming program to find his perfect match! But first, we wanted to ensure Loki had the tools to work through his anxiety at the kennel and help better prepare him for his next home. He was a bundle of nerves, barking until his voice was hoarse and it was difficult to walk him on leash from being stressed. Loki excelled in training class and loved showing off his smarts! Just the adventure going to class was half the fun, but then learning new skills (and eating yummy treats) made it ten times more exciting! One of his favorite activities is scent work! Like any dog, he loves using his fantastic sniffing abilities to figure out different puzzles and games to search out treats! Even just going for walks and hikes, Loki’s nose glued to the ground, he’s a happy boy taking in all the smells of the world! He’ll occasionally look up and check in with his person with a smile, just letting you know how happy he is to be having fun with you!

It’s now been over a year since Loki has been up for adoption and he’s still searching for a home! Though mentally he’s been able to adapt to life at the kennel, the stress level is now taking a physical toll. He’s been having some tummy issues that the vet indicates is stress-related, but he’s been on a sensitive stomach diet to help. Now, Loki is almost 8 years old and would fill a home with so much love and happiness!

Loki loves being playful, active, and now walks great on leash! He’s pretty good at recall, even when he’s sniffing all the great smells on the ground! Loki is a Lab/Shepherd mix with a beautiful coat and very cute ears that flop when he walks! He has lived with a cat previously and would do great in an adult or older teen home. He’d prefer being the only dog in the home, but he is comfortable around other dogs and could even do doggy daycare. However, he does not share with toys and would prefer more low-key canine friends. Loki would also appreciate continued training with his people so he can show you all that he knows, which Our Companions can provide at a discounted rate!

Loki is sweet, loyal, friendly, fun, and would make an amazing companion- and an even better best friend! Learn more about lovable Loki by contacting our Helpline at 860-242-9999 or email [email protected]!