Featured Pet: Lewis

 A couple years back, this Chihuahua/Terrier mix found himself at a shelter until a lovely couple adopted Lewis and brought them home. They knew adopting a rescue dog would come with some challenges, especially for a young dog with no previous training or background history. They invested a lot of time in Lewis with plenty of exercise and training, which ultimately helped Lewis build trust in his people and in himself! He still had a fearful side to him, but they were able to understand him more and knew what he was comfortable with. He did very well with them, and absolutely loved showing off his smarts! Not only does he know basic skills, but even lots of cool tricks, like standing on his back legs!

As time went on, the couple were expecting their first child and were very excited to grow their family. However, Lewis wasn’t so thrilled with sharing his space or his people with another little guy. The couple did their absolute best to help manage the household with both their dog and their son. They reached out to Our Companions for more information and tools to help their situation.

 For a year they continued to manage their household to keep both their son and Lewis happy and safe. Yet, it was apparent Lewis wasn’t changing his mind about how he felt with a young child in the home. After an incident between Lewis and their son, the couple made the difficult decision to rehome Lewis. The couple were also expecting their second child and knew Lewis deserved a home where he felt safe and could continue to thrive like he was before.

Now 5 years old and 19lbs, Lewis is looking for his perfect match! He absolutely loves to play ball and going out for walks, so someone who has an active lifestyle to help Lewis get his energy out would be great! Though on rainy days, he much rather just cuddle up with you and sleep the day away! He’s fearful of unknown people, therefore he would appreciate someone that is patient and dog savvy to help him build confidence and trust with his new person! A great way to bond is through positive reinforcement training classes! Continued training would be wonderful for Lewis as he adjusts to his new life and to develop a relationship with his new person!

Once he bonds with you and you’re in his inner circle, Lewis can be cuddly, affectionate, and super sweet! Lewis also enjoy his alone time in his crate. His crate is his safe space where he can work on enrichment toys and food puzzles! He would appreciate adults or older teens in his home where he is respected and loved! Lewis would also prefer to be your one and only pet in the home to soak up all the attention and love from his people! With the right people and home, Lewis would love nothing more than to thrive, be happy, and become a wonderful companion to his people! To learn more about lovable Lewis, please contact our Helpline at 860-242-9999 or email [email protected]!