Featured Pet: Henry

A couple traveled to Puerto Rico for vacation and to visit family. On the last couple days they were there, they came across a very malnourished Shar Pei that looked to be in critical condition wandering the streets. Having a Shar Pei of their own, they couldn’t look past this poor dog and knew they needed to intervene. During their last few days before heading back to Connecticut, they were able to connect with family to have this stray seen by a vet and cared for while they figured out a plan to get him to their home. Despite already having four rescue dogs of their own, they knew they needed to help Henry begin his healing journey.

Henry was clearly malnourished, very underweight, and had a severe infection around his neck. The vets assumed that he was tied outside, left to fend for his own, and might have chewed through the tether to break free. The tether left a gaping wound around his neck, which was riddled with infection. The vets knew that if he was left alone for any longer, the infection would’ve ultimately been his demise. He has scarred feet and elbows, which causes a slight limp, and even has a cataract in one eye, though it doesn’t affect Henry’s friendly demeanor! The couple made sure Henry received the care that he needed- he was neutered, fully vetted, and has now completely healed from his infection. The 6 year old does get chronic ear infections, which can be common for Shar Pei’s, therefore he gets his ears cleaned regularly. He’s gaining weight as well, but has a few extra pounds to pack on for his size!

As Henry was acclimating to his new life, it was clear he had lived with people at some point. Though he’s had a troubled life, he is still sweet, affectionate, and very laidback. He loves meeting new people, especially if they have any treats in their pocket! He was very food obsessed when he began his new life, but the couple have helped Henry learn that there will always be another meal and he’ll never have to worry where his next meal will be! He has learned to settle into living inside a home, though sweaters are an absolute must-have for Henry as he’s acclimating from the Puerto Rican sun to the New England winters!

The couple are now expecting their first child, and with already having four dogs, they have entered Henry through our Rehoming Program. This allows Henry to stay in his current home while we help search for his perfect match! They love Henry to pieces and want to wait for people that can continue giving him the love and support he deserves! He would get along great with another female canine companion, but does request no cats in his next home. He would truly appreciate someone who can continue his care, but he’ll make sure you get lots of cuddles and kisses in return! If you’re looking for a goofy, snuggly couch buddy that just wants to be your companion, look no further than Henry! To learn more about handsome Henry, please contact our Helpline at 860-242-9999 or email [email protected].


  1. Susi Byers on February 4, 2022 at 9:22 am

    What a wonderful story! I’m sure Henry will have an abundance of folks wanting to adopt him. At least I hope so. Wish we could….