Featured Pet: Gator

Originally found as a stray, it was very apparent this guy had it very rough living out on the streets. He not only had superficial wounds and was unneutered, but he had very large cheeks which is indicative of getting into kicking fights with other males. The person who found Gator brought him to the vet to get cleaned up prior to his arrival to the Sanctuary. They estimated he was around seven years old and also found out he was FIV+. Though being FIV+ does suppress a cat’s immune system, nowadays these cats can live healthy lives and normal life expectancies, just like FIV- cats.

Having lived a long, rough life outside, staff weren’t sure what to expect. How would he adjust to living indoors? How would he react around people? Something that they weren’t expecting was Gator being a total love bug! Gator absolutely adored his new friends and all the attention he was getting! He would wait in his room meowing for his friends to come visit him to give him plenty of head scratches and play time! He became famous for his head-butts, rubbing his cute face against anything that would keep still! This head-butt fanatic made it impossible to take a good picture- he’d head-butt the camera quicker than we could snap the picture!

Of course, it can never be easy for our sweetheart! Gator not only has abnormally large kidneys, but last year tackled a severe parasitic infection that brought Gator towards the brink of death. It took weeks upon weeks of observation and treatment to save Gator’s life, but in the end, he overcame yet again another obstacle and continues to be such a kind soul. Recently, Gator underwent allergy testing after we noticed a significant loss of fur and an increase of grooming and scratching. It was discovered he was allergic to dust mites which led us to administering immunotherapy shots in hopes of building a tolerance or immunity.

His medical mysteries have certainly held Gator back from finding his people and a home to call his own. Still, we’re grateful we can give Gator a place to call home and all the head scratches his heart desires until the right people come along. Gator would love someone who can look past his medical history as an issue or barrier and see him for a cat in need of unconditional love and care. He deserves nothing less than all the love and happiness he’s given us throughout the last year. Just one look and a head-butt, you’ll know Gator has a soul unlike any other! To learn more about this amazing guy, please contact our Helpline at 860-242-9999 or email [email protected].


  1. Sherry A. Sellers on September 3, 2020 at 6:26 pm

    This is a wonderful video! Gator is such a good boy and I hope he finds a fur-ever home.