Featured Pet: Brody

Some time ago Brody was adopted from a rescue in Massachusetts and came home to a wonderful couple. They knew Brody needed lots of training and love and made sure to go above and beyond to make sure Brody’s needs were met. Over the years, Brody did excellent with his training and learned many new tricks and skills! Though despite all the love and training they could give Brody, they realized Brody was not happy with the welcoming of a new baby sister. It was tough on Brody with a newborn in the home and therefore they made the difficult decision that Brody would be much happier with an adult family that could give their undivided love and attention to this special boy. Brody entered our rehoming program to aid in his search for a perfect home.

Brody is primarily part Doberman, which is obvious with his cute ears and tail! At four years old, Brody still loves learning and would appreciate someone that could show him new skills in class! Brody truly shines when he’s outside with his people! He loves being active whether it’s running in his yard, going out for walks, hiking, or playing ball! Bonding with him through his love for exercise and adventure is the key to Brody’s heart! Since Brody likes to be affectionate on his terms, it’s important for him to have a person that respects his space and loves him for who he is! With time, Brody will show his love and appreciation to you in many ways! Brody would thrive in an only pet household, but he could still certainly live with another social, easygoing dog. Cats might be a bit out of the question though!

Brody will shine given the right situation with his family and home. He has come so far since being adopted in Massachusetts and has the rest of his life to enjoy with people who can understand his sensitive side! If you’re looking for a great companion that loves adventure, then Brody could be the dog for you! To learn more, please contact our Helpline at 860-242-9999 or email [email protected]!