Dylan was originally found as an older kitten outside with his sister, Jett. A Good Samaritan brought them inside where she helped socialize the two shy kitties. She entered both Dylan and Jett in our Rehoming Program, but it was difficult to find someone to adopt both shy kitties together in a home. To provide further socialization, Our Companions welcomed both Dylan and Jett to our Sanctuary a little over 2 years old in 2022.

Dylan was definitely shyer than Jett, but thankfully they gave each other the support and company to feel comfortable at our Sanctuary. Seeing Jett interact with people helped Dylan become more curious about her human friends. A great way we were able to interact with Dylan was through playtime! He really was able to enjoy himself, and we enjoyed watching him too! Eventually many staff and volunteers were able to earn his trust and Dylan started to show his affection side! He does need time to get comfortable with new people, but with a couple cookies and a wand toy- he’ll be your best friend! Dylan and Jett have been learning to give high-fives, jump through hoops, and so much more!

We’re so grateful for their progress with us and can’t wait to find them a home where both lovely cats can have fun and be adored by a family of their own!

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