Double the Dog, Double the Fun!

Amber said her final goodbyes to us this past Sunday! During her adoption, staff captured Amber’s first family photo together- too cute!
We even received an update on Amber’s first couple nights. By the looks of it, she is certainly making herself right at home! So happy for her and her family! 🙂

With Amber home and Zuzu on her way home on the 18th, we’re now welcoming TWO new guests to the Sanctuary!
Everyone give a warm welcome to Pippa and Maxwell! 🙂

Before I even get started on how absolutely adorable these two are, I’m first going to apologize for any blurry pictures! They were two rolling floof balls when I first met them so it was hard getting a picture of them staying still!

Maxwell (Max)
Pippa and Maxwell are around six years old and a Havanese/Ewok mix (look at the side by side comparison if you don’t believe me). Their owner passed away three years ago and a relative has been taking care of them since. Recently, the relative’s health has taken a turn and he can no longer take care of them. They’re a brother and sister bonded pair and have lived their entire lives with each other. With such sophisticated names, I can’t help but think they’d have a British accent if they spoke English!

I want to give a huge thank you to the Mansfield Trail Runners and Willimantic Athletic Club!
They volunteered their time after walking hours to snowshoe the trails and help create a path for us to take the dogs out on their walks!
I know the dogs are very grateful they can finally go trailing in the woods to sniff out all the smells they missed!