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Dog Adoption Application

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Applicant Information

Be sure to include responses to all of the questions. If something does not apply to you, you can note that in the response section. Unfortunately we have been having submission issues if there are any missing sections!
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Household Information

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Does your lease allow dogs?*
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Are any members of your household allergic to animals?*
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Veterinarian Information

Please notify your vet to give permission to speak to us. If this is your first pet, you can make note of that in the response fields.

Personal References

Maximum of one family member, please.
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Other Pets

List pets that you own, or have owned in the past 5 years.
Are all of your pets up-to-date with vaccinations?*
If you currently own a dog, is it on heart worm preventatives?*
Do your pets receive yearly wellness exams?*

Additional Information

Why are you interested in adopting a dog at this time?*
What age dog are you looking for?*
Size/Weight Preference (check all that apply)*
Do you have a securely fenced yard?*
If you don't have a fenced-in yard, are you able to do any of the following (choose all that apply)*
Have you ever taken a dog to an obedience class?*
Have you ever crate-trained a dog?*
Are dogs allowed on the furniture?*
What is the activity level in your home?*
Do you plan to get a cat in the future?*
Do you plan to start a family?*
Do you think your pet should have a yearly physical exam?*
Do you believe you can provide a good home for your pet for its entire life, which could be up to 20 years or more?*
Under what circumstances might you decide not to keep your dog? (check all that apply)*
Have you ever given up a pet for adoption or surrendered an animal to an Animal Shelter, Pound, or Rescue Organization before?*
Have you ever adopted a dog from an Animal Shelter, Pound, or Rescue Organization before?*
Behavior problems can arise for many reasons; most can be solved. Do you agree to seek help and assistance to resolve these issues rather than give up your pet should problems occur?*
Would you accept an animal that has a treatable medical condition?*
Are you aware that if you adopt a dog, you will need to be aware of, and abide by, your town's leash law?*
Would you allow a Rescue representative to do a home visit?*
Do you understand why we require our adopted dogs to be spayed/neutered?*
How did you hear about Our Companions Animal Rescue & Sanctuary?*

The following will be discussed when you are contacted:

Adoption Donation
Adjustment to new home
Health Care
Behavior Problems

Remember: The day you take home a new pet is the day you begin a very special friendship. While you’ll have many years together, your companion will never outgrow his/her need for you. We will happily provide information and advice to you on pet care and responsibility. Thank you for taking the time to complete this application.