Dog Licensing in Connecticut

In the state of Connecticut, licensing your dog is required after he/she is six months old. A license must be renewed each year and all dogs must also have a current rabies vaccination. There are many benefits of licensing your dog that you might not know! It ensures the animal has received vaccinations against diseases, which could be potentially fatal to humans or other animals. If your dog ever got lost, it tells animal control officers that the dog has an owner. This will even help reunite the pet to their family more effectively since the family contact will be on file. Also, a portion of the licensing fee supports our State’s Animal Population Control Program (APCP) that helps fund spay/neuter services for pets adopted from municipal shelters, community cats and pets owned by people in financial need. Lastly, it helps municipalities keep track of how many pets are in that town to provide health and safety conditions for that community. For spayed/neutered animals, the licensing fee is half the price!

To get started, here’s the Connecticut Dog License Application available in English and Spanish:

Dog License Application (English)

Dog License Application (Spanish)