Dear Tabby…

Tabby has made many friends in the 5 years she’s been with us, but she can’t wait to find her forever person and get away from all of these pesky cats! With the help and input from her favorite volunteers, we’ve been doing an extra special campaign to highlight how wonderful our beautiful girl is. Below, you’ll find some lovely notes written by her favorite people:

“My Dear Tabby,

We met sometime after your arrival five years ago. It took a while, but I was glad to be one of the few at the start. You were so apprehensive of spending time with any of us. After many months you began to accept my consistent visits to your room. I just loved you from the start. You had so many things to overcome…loud noise seemed to bother you, other cats in your space and human acceptance being pretty close at the top of the list. I watched you find your courage from within to gradually accept my presence, as well as others, to be your friend.

Now I hear your meows from down the hallway eager to have a visitor. As I peak into your room before entering there you are on the edge of the couch just meowing away waiting for some together time.

I never miss a visit with you on the days I volunteer. I love your eagerness for our visits. You can hardly wait for me to sit on the couch, to climb on my lap and be brushed just where you love it on the head, cheeks and under your chin. We listen to the ocean waves on your sound machine and pretend we are at the beach (or at least I do). I open your window and as quick as can be there you are feeling the breeze on your whiskers and looking around at birds and butterflies.

It’s fun when you show your playful side: catching a feathered toy, climbing the shelves in your room, batting your little mouse feeder around to disperse your crunchies…

You are a special girl, Tabby. I talk to you often assuring you that a special person or family is out there and meant to be yours. I would miss you dearly, but it would be one of my happiest moments knowing you found your loving home.”

Your caring friend, Sheila

“I’ve had the opportunity to see Miss Tabby’s growth over the past 4+ years, and she is a such sweet girl who will sit in your lap for hours, purring. She likes petting and brushing on her head and face, and sleeping in a warm sunny window. She greets me with a friendly “mew” when I come in to see her, jumps right down to the couch, eager for a lap to sit on for a bit. I wish I could adopt her myself, she has such a special place in my heart! Let’s find her forever home :)”   -Kristen Bierely

“I never seem to get a great picture of Tabby because she’s generally on my lap! She’ll easily sit there for a half hour, especially if brush her. I hope there’s someone out there for her. She’s always been a favorite of mine! She really is like a queen in her castle and I love how she greets me when I visit. Coming out of her little cave and waiting for me to sit down so she can take over my lap.” -Sue Page

“Just shy of two years ago, I was new to Our Companions and learning the ropes of being a cat volunteer when I met this little girl named Tabby. I immediately fell in love with her! Oh, it wasn’t just those beautiful, expressive eyes, or her magical aura where she wraps you around one of her four paws! It was just “HER”. Wanting and looking for love, yet at the same time being cautious and reserved.

It took lots of visits and lots of patience for Tabby to finally trust me and open up her heart to me. Little did I know, a lesson was happening here and Tabby was teaching it. Every step I have made with Tabby has been completely on her terms and when she was ready.

As I waited for our love to bloom, I read many books or did crossword puzzles, waiting patiently for her to curl up in my lap. I learned that she liked to have her neck scratched, but no too much so as not to overstimulate her. Brushing is another pastime for Tabby. She loves to have her neck, chin and upper body brushed. While doing all these activities, she purred away. I don’t know how many times she teased me by walking across my lap, but never stopping to sit. And then it happened! She not only walked across my lap, but decided to sit for a spell. I was thrilled as I petted her and praised her! We had graduated to another step in our relationship.

When Tabby moved to Janes Place, the new building on the OC campus, things were unsettled for her for a bit. New room, new noises, lots of kittens and cats she could see and hear. Between the staff and volunteers, we worked hard together to get her feeling comfortable again. I had a white noise machine I wasn’t using and donated that to her room to help tone down the noises in the hall. Staff made her a “castle” door (oh, you’ll have to come visit her to see that one!). In time, we were back to our usual routine. She would be in her window bed while I petted or brushed her. On nice days, I would open the window while I visited so she could listen to the birds. She continued to walk across my lap with the occasional sitting. She gave lots of head rubs looking for affection and then BINGO!!! It happened! One day, she circled my lap several times and curled up! I was over the moon with joy and there was no way I was going to move for anything! I think we stayed that way for close to a half hour. Another big hurdle we had finally jumped over. Ever since that time, we spend a lot of our moments with her curled up and me petting her and lots of purrs happening.

Tabby and I have come a long way from two years ago. I can’t bring her home, which I would do in a heartbeat, because if have two cats at home already. So, if you are that someone special who can give this Tabby girl her very own special forever home with no other pets and you have lots of love and patience to give this girl, come meet her and fall in love with her like I did! I will miss her dearly when she is adopted, but it is time for Tabby to have her own home, find a new favorite window for sunning and bird-watching, to steal your favorite blanket and to steal your heart away too!”

Luanne Dunstan, OC Cat Volunteer