Construction Has Started at the Sanctuary!

It’s official! Our Companions has exceeded our $2,000,000 fundraising goal and we will begin construction on our Sanctuary this Spring! What a way to mark our 20th Anniversary – and it’s all thanks to you, our generous donors, who make everything we do possible.

The expansion will entail the construction of three new cottages. The first of these will host senior dogs, and will include a physical rehabilitation wing; the second cottage will be designed for cats with special needs; and the third will be dedicated to small pets, such as rabbits, ferrets, and guinea pigs.

We hope you will share in our excitement as this next phase of the Sanctuary becomes a reality. Through your generosity we are significantly enhancing our capability to provide compassionate care, rehabilitation, and loving forever homes to an increasing number of the region’s most vulnerable pets.

As always, we are honored to acknowledge that nearly 100% of our programs are funded through public support. Thank you for entrusting us with your investment and for helping us to make this shared dream a reality.

Architectural plans by Dennis Davey

A cat cottage named Minnie’s Mews will specialize in cats who are under-socialized. These are cats who might not know any other humans besides their previous owner, making them fearful and wary of others. We’ve seen first-hand how these cats can make dramatic progress with time and patience. The new cat cottage will feature special work rooms, informed by the latest behavioral science research. With this extra attention, these cats will become more comfortable with new situations and people, giving them the best chance for adoption.
Twilight House will specialize in older dogs who are faced with physical challenges such as poor mobility, joint pain/arthritis, and advanced stages of other illnesses. This double sized cottage will have one side for dog housing and the other will include a physical rehabilitation center. There will be plenty of space to provide several healing modalities like cold laser, PEMF and a water treadmill to provide warm aqua therapy to dogs working on regaining mobility – without severely impacting their joints.
The third cottages is for small mammals like rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs and other “pocket pets.” These animals are often overlooked, yet they are delicate species that require very specific care. This cottage will accommodate animals with special needs, disabilities, medical conditions, and behavioral issues. It also will enable us to better utilize the assistance of our youngest volunteers, which will not only benefit the animals, but will help to develop the next generation of responsible and caring pet guardians.
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