Community Outreach: Spring 2020

To say this past spring has been crazy would be an understatement. The uncertainty of what the future held was unnerving for all, to say the least. Despite everything, Our Companions was still determined to provide the same level of care and commitment to the community from satellite locations.

Over the course of three months, our Helpline, the hub of all of our programs, reached over 1,000 calls. This was a groundbreaking record in the many years our Helpline has been established at Our Companions. These calls varied from people seeking animal behavioral advice, adoption inquiries, pet placement, TNR (Trap, Neuter, and Return) inquiries, and so much more. In the month of April alone, we received over 130 applications that were reviewed by our amazing staff and volunteers, many which led to adoptions for some of our long-term animals.

With vet clinics overwhelmed, providing vet guidance and assistance to people and pets within our community were of the utmost importance. Our Companions established several new vet partners to help serve communities throughout Connecticut. While also recognizing the shortage of food and increased unemployment in families, Our Companions partnered with Manchester Social Services to create a Petco egift card drive. This drive helped raise electronic gift cards that would then be distributed to families in need of supporting their pets with food and supplies. Over 50 egift cards were raised thanks to the incredible support of our OC community.

This spring proved that despite the uncertainties that life may throw at us, Our Companions strives to adapt our programs to best meet the needs of our community. We want to thank our incredible staff and volunteers that stayed strong through this difficult time to help us spread our love and support to everyone!

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