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Sanctuary Arrival Date

January 2022

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Bootz is a Texas native who found herself on a transport to CT. She’s around 2 years old, and is probably a mix of Lab and Shepherd. Unfortunately her adopter soon realized that Bootz was not comfortable sharing a home with her 3 small dogs, and contacted us for help.  Bootz is a bit of a wild child so it was decided that Sanctuary living would be a good stepping stone before moving to another adoptive home.

Current Status:

Sweet Bootz has made leaps and bounds in progress since she joined us in January. She’s super smart, and very much a German Shepherd in her behavior. Bootz has learned car manners, and really enjoys her field trips to various quiet locations where she can practice her good manners and enjoy herself. She is ready to go home to a home that can finish what we have started with her. She will be an excellent companion for a German Shepherd loving adopter.