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Sanctuary Arrival Date

January 2022

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Background Story:

Bootz is a Texas native that was adopted and transported to a home in CT. She was promoted for adoption as being dog social and was welcomed to a home with three small dogs. Unfortunately, her adopter soon realized Bootz was not comfortable sharing the home with other dogs. She had to manage a split household while finding an alternative home for Bootz, therefore Bootz spent most of her time running outside in the yard, enjoying the outdoors. Eventually, Our Companions was contacted and we welcomed Bootz to our Sanctuary in 2022 at 3 years old.

This German Shepherd/Lab mix is certainly a wild child at heart! She loves running, sniffing, and playing outside, and had somewhat of a hard time adjusting to our Sanctuary routine where she couldn’t just run free as much as she liked! Bootz was quite reactive to other dogs or people that were unfamiliar to her, but with our team’s consistent training and bonding, she has significantly decreased her reactivity to stressors outside. Our team continues to help her work through some of her sensitivities and she is so eager to learn new things that she always picks up skills so quickly! She does take a while to warm up to new people, but with some treats and a walk, Bootz will soon consider you her new best friend! We’re so glad to provide our Sanctuary to Bootz as a stepping stone prior to finding a home because she has truly thrived and is such a sweetheart! Getting to know more about Bootz, she can be incredibly goofy and such a snuggle bug to anyone willing to give her the patience and understanding she needs!

Adoption Info:

Bootz is made for walking…to her next home! Bootz is a 4 year old Lab/Shepherd mix and her friends describe her as being very smart, lovable, goofy, and a fun-loving wild child! She has excelled in all of her training and would truly appreciate someone that could continue helping Bootz be the best Bootz she can be! Once she is comfortable with you, her silly, affectionate side comes out and she loves having fun with her friends! A fenced-in yard in her next home would be perfect for Bootz to help her get all of her energy out- she also loves being outside and entertaining herself with her toys! She would appreciate being the only furbaby in an adult/older teen single family home. If you’re interested in learning more about bubbly Bootz, please contact Our Companions at 860-242-9999 or email [email protected]!

All of the pets promoted by Our Companions Animal Rescue are located in CT. As such we wish to adopt animals into homes in the greater CT area. Pets are in various locations so we request that an appointment is made to meet with a specific pet we are advertising. Contact the person listed on the pet’s profile to find out more about our adoption process for a specific pet or e-mail [email protected] for general inquiries.