Amazing Grace

In distress, a stray cat walked up to an apartment building where a woman found the cat and noticed it was sick and not looking well. It seemed that this cat sought out help to any human that walked by. Not knowing what to do, the woman thought quickly on her feet and brought the cat in a box to the closest police department since she was unable to care for the cat. Unfortunately, the police department was not able to help, but an officer on duty was an animal lover and needed to do something. She contacted her mother to see if the cat could stay with her, which is where the cat stayed the night. The mother had some tuna on hand to see if the stray was hungry. The cat ate some of the tuna, but it was clear this kitty needed immediate medical care. The mother decided to contact her coworker, who she knew was also an animal lover, to figure out how to best help this poor girl. The coworker rushed over to pick up the cat, where she found her barely alive. Though the odds were stacked against her, the coworker rushed the cat to the vet hospital in hopes of saving this sweet, injured girl.

The cat, first named Grey, was brought directly to ICU at the vet hospital where it was given a full evaluation and numerous tests to figure out an immediate treatment plan. There it was discovered that Grey was a girl and therefore her name was then changed to Grace, but still Grey for short. Grace had a hematocrit level of 7% and was suffering from severe flea anemia. Hematocrit is percentage by volume of red cells in your blood. Normal range for an adult cat is usually between 25-45%. On top of that, Grace also had a ruptured, infected eye and only weighed 2.3lbs. There was a lot of care that Grace desperately needed, and it was quite expensive for this Good Samaritan to cover fully, who was not prepared to face a situation like this. She was determined to save this girl and decided to contact Our Companions for assistance. Thanks to our great partnership with Bolton Veterinary Hospital and our vet voucher program, we were able to contribute funds for Grace’s extensive care alongside her caretaker.

Upon all of these discoveries at the vet hospital, Grace immediately received a blood transfusion for the anemia and antibiotics for the infection. Thankfully, Grace was responding well to treatment and stayed at the vet hospital for further observation. Once she was stabilized, her next stage of treatment began- undergoing surgery to be spayed and to remove the ruptured eye. Estimated to be only a year old, Grace had already been through so much that we know of, and proved to be a true survivor.  She went home with the person that brought her there to continue her recovery, and has called that place home ever since.

It’s been about four months now since the rescue of amazing Grace and she has been thriving thanks to her owner. She’s flea-free, fully healed from surgery, and is now at a healthier weight of 8lbs. Though she’s a grown adult, she still acts like a kitten- climbing on curtains and finding mischief! She plays with her toys, sleeps in comfy beds, and gets plenty of pets from her person; her medical emergency a distant memory now that she has a fulfilling home life with someone that loves her unconditionally. We’re so appreciative that we could assist in Grace’s care and knowing that she has a second chance at living a happy, healthy life. We wish Grace and her human many years of kisses, cuddles, and happiness!


  1. SHERRY on March 14, 2023 at 12:41 pm

    This is such a moving commentary on the hearts of people who like to reach out to help a pet in-need.

    Peace & Blessings,

  2. Susan on March 20, 2023 at 1:29 am

    Glad she got a forever home and medical treatment. Touching story.