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Adoption Update: Roxi

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Though she was with us for two years, Roxi grew so much in such a short period of time- both inside and out! As a puppy, Roxi was found abandoned in a family’s backyard at only 10 weeks old. The family had five kids, all under the age of ten, but still took Roxi into their home and loved her like their sixth child! However, Roxi started to develop mange and had severe skin allergies, causing one of the children to become allergic to her. Now at 10 months old, with Roxi’s tricky skin issues and lack of training, made her an ideal candidate for the Sanctuary!

Upon Roxi’s arrival to the Sanctuary, it was clear that she was at that stage where she was a fully grown dog, but had the mentality of a baby puppy! Her rebellious streak and spunky personality is what made us fall in love with Roxi, though this rock star still had much to learn! A core group of the dog team worked diligently with Roxi to provide a consistent, positive reinforcement-based training plan to encourage Roxi to make her own good decisions. When Roxi made great choices, like greeting people politely or giving people her attention, she was greatly rewarded and praised! Even with her rock star attitude, Roxi was one of the smartest dogs in class- especially tricks class! She picked up on skills very quickly and loved putting her energy towards enriching, fun activities!

However, one thing that has always stood in Roxi’s way has been her skin. After months of several food trials and allergy tests, the team finally found a skin routine that helped alleviate some of the girl’s skin issues. Roxi received weekly baths, regular ear cleanings, allergy medication, a strict diet, medicated mousse and powder applications, her collar/harness/bedding were consistently washed and she even received auto-immunotherapy shots to help with the severity of her allergic reactions. With such restrictions and the need for constant medical attention, we knew it would be a difficult search to find a family that could look past the obstacles and see Roxi for who she really was! But after two years of searching, Roxi found her perfect match!

Her family specifically was looking for a Pitbull to rescue after just losing their beloved pitty. They were very impressed reading about Roxi and wanted to dedicate their love and time to a dog that needed a supportive family and home. After hearing about Roxi’s long journey at the Sanctuary and meeting the rock star, they knew she was the one for them! Her spunky personality was exactly the type of dog they were looking for and immediately looked past all her medical issues, knowing no obstacle was going to get in the way of loving her unconditionally! Her family has been doing wonders helping Roxi transition to her new home, while continuing her training and medical care. She now sleeps in her own bed at night, but comes into their bed in the morning for snuggles! She’s figuring out her new routine and has been loving all the couch time and toys she gets from her new family. We are so immensely happy for Roxi and her family! Another successful OC story for the books!

During the adoption process, Roxi had a visit to her family’s home. It was pretty clear from the start that she claimed the space as her own with how happy she was in the backyard. Enjoy this fun video of Roxi enjoying her new home for the first time with a case of the zoomies!