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Adoption Update- Penelope

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Penelope arrived to the Sanctuary in 2018 needing care and medical attention at around 3-5 years old. Her teeth needed to be desperately cleaned and she also developed an infection in her bone that had to be taken care of. Despite her medical circumstances, Penelope was such a peach to everyone she met- both humans and cats! She was gentle, kind, and very affectionate with her friends at the Sanctuary! She was very submissive and had gotten along well with many other cats at the Sanctuary, especially the ones that needed some patience and love. Once her medical issues were resolved, it was time for this sweetie to find a home!

Her adopters applied for Penelope after they recently lost their cat Spotty. They had another cat named Fatty who was very lonely after losing his best bud and started to even lose weight from dealing with the loss. They also had a dog named Alex who they rescued from an abusive situation and had significant medical issues. The family was looking for a cat that would be a great friend for Fatty, a compassionate companion for Alex, and a loving fur-baby to call their own! Easygoing Penelope seemed to be the perfect fit!

Penelope became an instant match for their family, especially with their daughter. Penelope loves spending time in her room and enjoying cuddles from her favorite person! As time went on, Penelope became quite the celebrity! We received many pictures and collages of Penelope from her photoshoots with their daughter. Penelope was certainly ready for the camera now that she had her teeth sparkly clean! Their daughter even created a video of Penelope celebrating her one year adopti-versary! How cute!

They nicknamed her Penelope Jean a.k.a. PJ and absolutely adore her! She is the princess of the palace and they wouldn’t have it any other way! We’re immensely happy for Penelope and her caring family! Check out the video celebrating her one year!