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Adoption Update – Lucy

About a year and a half ago, one of our Sanctuary’s longest residents left for her forever home. Lucy came to us shy, scared, and very unsure about her new surroundings in 2013. She was a project in every sense of the word, but no one thought she would be here for 4 years! Lucy went through numerous canine boyfriends at the Sanctuary and had dozens of friends, but was super stubborn on walks and really only did what she wanted to do. Though she was making great strides, she was still a shy and nervous girl with many quirks that made her match tough to find.

And then one day, two of our volunteers met Lucy and fell in love. Natalie and Dan started coming to visit Lucy on a daily basis to spend time with her, and even brought her home for a few sleepovers! Lucy bonded with Natalie first, and with lots of patience and understanding, warmed up to Dan as well. When they applied to adopt her, we didn’t want to get our hopes up, but we knew we had to give it a shot. And thank goodness we did because Lucy found her perfect home! She adores her mom and dad, puts up with her new feline roomies, and has settled in wonderfully.

As an added bonus, we still get to see Lucy often in our Family Companions training classes! They have helped her gain the confidence she was hoping to find for so long. Lucky for her, her owners are dedicated to giving Lucy everything she needs to be the best dog she can be! Speaking of, guess what else they gave Lucy? Her very own fenced-in backyard! That’s right, they built it just for her. While they were going through the adoption process, Natalie and Dan were searching for their first home together. High up on their “must-have” list was a big backyard for their new family member to run and play in! Lucy couldn’t be happier. She LOVES rolling in the grass, smelling the flowers and pine trees, and getting her zoomies out in that backyard. She enjoys playing with her many toys, especially the tennis ball launcher and her giant jolly ball. To also make her life even better, they even bought a king sized bed so Lucy has plenty of room. Talk about a spoiled pup!!

Natalie sent us a note recently with a lovely update on Lucy. We couldn’t say it any better ourselves:

“Lucy taught us to speak softer, laugh harder, and to always keep working on ourselves. We’d like to thank everyone who helped Lucy wait for us. Who gave her massages, tuck-ins, and taught her to make friends. Without you all, she would have never let us love her. Lucy has changed so much since her adoption. She has overcome so many fears, especially the tactile paving at the end of the sidewalk and school buses, has made so many new friends (including her initially pitbull-hesitant Mémère and Pépère), and we hope to continue working with her to help her learn to enjoy (instead of tolerate) new things even if it’ll take some time.

“Sniffaris” are her favorite activity and Christmas trees are her favorite scent. This spring, Lucy will be getting a sensory garden in the backyard to help keep things interesting and bring some of that Sniffari fun to our own backyard. She likes having jobs and hates ducks, geese, and all green leafy veggies, even in the homemade pasta form she will pull them out of her bowl and eat the remaining good stuff with impressive precision. All friends, new and old, are welcome follow her on Instagram @MouthBreather_Lucy and see this new and improved semi-social version of the Lucy we all have come to know and love!”


  1. Lori Klein on May 13, 2019 at 7:22 pm

    OMG I’m so happy for Lucy!!! I’m fairly certain we took one of her boy friends, Brody, and I’m so glad she found her forever home!! We felt so bad because we knew she relied on him for confidence and support. This made my day : )


  2. Shirley Murtha on May 13, 2019 at 7:37 pm

    This is soooo heart-warming. Thank you, companions, for not giving upon her; and thank you Natalie and Dan for being so good to this girl.❤️

  3. Ellen Conlon on May 13, 2019 at 9:25 pm

    We are so happy for Lucy.
    We adopted Carmel who was one of Lucy’s first boyfriends
    We thought of Lucy often and are thrilled for her and her parents.

  4. Tina Gould on May 13, 2019 at 10:46 pm

    My heart swells with pride over how well Miss Lucy is doing. Thank you so much for taking her into your home and hearts. I’ll always miss her but will forever have sweet memories of our Tuck Ins, walks, and pool splashies. I knew Lucy when she came to live at OC in the red house, and her first friend was Johnny. She has come a million miles. Please give her an extra snuggle and kiss on her nose from me. 💕💕💕 Tina

  5. Sue Lawlor on May 14, 2019 at 7:33 pm

    As a sanctuary volunteer, Lucy taught me a great deal about shy dogs. She taught me to do only what Lucy wanted to do. She taught me about patience and understanding. Lucy taught me that it was OK to be loved by her one day, but not the next! She is a special girl and I am so thankful for OC for giving her the time that she needed (4+ Years!) to find her perfect match. I am thankful for Natalie and Dan for taking the time needed in their home to prove to Lucy that the sky is not falling! As a canine college volunteer, I love seeing Lucy come to classes. I am overjoyed to see this happy, happy dog in the Lucy that holds a special place in all our hearts! See you soon sweet girl! I’ll be looking for that Lucy smootch!

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