Adoption Update: Draco and Neville, now Carl and George

In 2014, Draco and Neville were adopted as kittens to a person in New Hampshire. At first they were indoor/outdoor cats, but as the years went by, they primarily became outdoor cats with the owner mostly absent. Thankfully, the landlord of the home would step in and help care for the two sweethearts when the owner wasn’t around. When the landlord decided to sell the house and move back to Connecticut, the owner of the cats was unable to find a place to move that would allow her cats. Fearing that they would be left behind, they were brought to Connecticut during the move in hopes to find them a better, safer place. That’s when we were contacted and these beautiful boys were welcomed to the Sanctuary!

Understandably so, Draco (tuxedo) and Neville (gray) were very nervous about their new environment and the new people now in their lives. They’ve only ever lived in one home prior to the Sanctuary and the sudden change was quite scary for the two! One thing that was beneficial for Draco and Neville’s transition were our “catios”! Each cat at the Sanctuary has their own special cat patio that leads from their room to an outdoor fenced-in area. Cats are able to use the cat flap door to go outside, hang out in the sun, feel the cool breeze, and watch all the activity of the great outdoors! These catios not only provide wonderful mental enrichment to our cats, but it also helps cats that have lived outdoors to acclimate to inside while being safely fenced-in. Draco and Neville loved their catios and you’d often find them outside, enjoying the company of each other and the world around them!

After a short time, Draco, the more outgoing of the two, warmed up to his new human friends quite quickly. He realized lap cuddles and play time with humans was one of his favorite past times! Though Neville was still a bit shy, with the help from his brother, he gained a bit more confidence each day and had his circle of friends he enjoyed spending time with. With the brothers thriving more each day, we knew it was time to find their perfect match!

It wasn’t long until we found an amazing family looking for a pair to welcome into their home! Once adopted, they were renamed to Carl (Draco) and George (Neville). Within the first week, we received this update from their family:

“The boys are AWESOME!!! We love them so much!!!! They are so funny together…..they bathe each other and wrestle. They love the house! Carl (Draco) loves going from window to window and loves to play with all the toys we bought. George (Neville) loves the wing back chair and his favorite toy is a felt candy corn on a stick! They love having the run of the house; George goes upstairs if he is a little nervous, but comes right back down! They have brought laughter, love, and happiness into our home and we are so blessed to have them!”

On top of that, the family even made sure that the two had an outdoor play area and noted how they were experts at using the cat door, probably thanks to using the catios so much!  The family celebrated Carl and George’s one year adoptiversary this past April and shared with us this update:

“Tomorrow marks one year since we adopted Carl & George! They are the lights of our lives and bring us so much joy and happiness every day! They have such unique personalities and are always making us laugh and love them more and more each day (if that is even possible!).They enjoy time in their outdoor kitty area and enjoy the views from the three kitty towers we have. Carl loves cuddles and has a strict bedtime of 8:00 p.m. (he lets us know when he’s ready to go upstairs). George loves his tummy rubbed and is starting to spend nights on the beds with us…he has come so far! Thank you and all the staff at Our Companions for bringing George & Carl into our lives!”

We are thrilled to see how loved and adored these two boys are and we wish their family tons more love, laughs, and memories!


  1. Cat Tailer (my real name)☺️ on July 2, 2021 at 9:28 am

    Happy ending and beginning for these 2 beautiful boys🥰

  2. Betty Villante on July 2, 2021 at 10:01 am

    So sweet, happy for these boys!

  3. Sherry Sellers on July 2, 2021 at 10:58 am

    Wow! This a wonderful story…thank you Heather for the background too! It’s always so nice to hear about their lives after adoption too 🙂 And, as always, the pictures add a welcome touch.

  4. Renee Cannella on July 2, 2021 at 1:22 pm

    So wonderful!