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Adoption Update: Dodger

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Lovable Dodger has had quite the journey with OC! Being passed around from home to home, Dodger eventually made his way into our Rehoming Program. In order to prevent dogs from entering shelters, we offer our Rehoming Program where the dog stays in their home while Our Companions uses their resources to search for a new home. Being the handsome guy that he is, Dodger was adopted to a great family and home.

As months passed and as Dodger got more comfortable with his new surroundings, the family was experiencing some difficulties with the young, spunky dog. From defending his crate to guarding the couch, it wasn’t exactly clear as to why these sudden behaviors appeared. It was ultimately decided that it was unsafe for Dodger and the family to continue living in the home with his sudden behaviors and it was time for him to move to the Sanctuary to receive the consistent, constant training and care he needed to succeed. As much as you can try your best to predict the best home for a dog, there are factors that sometimes come into play that no one can predict until it happens. Luckily, we have the facility and resources to welcome Dodger with open arms.

During his time at the Sanctuary, Dodger received the care and love he needed to flourish from his rough, vagrant past. He was given plenty of time and space to relax and trust in his new friends. His body signs and signals were understood and respected. He also received plenty of positive reinforcement training which encouraged Dodger to make the right decisions. He showed us how smart he was and how eager he was to learn new skills and tricks! As months went on, Dodger shined and became a fun-loving, happy dog with many friends at the Sanctuary. He was loved by many with his obsession with fetch and butt scratches! One volunteer would even take Dodger out on field trips weekly and formed a genuine bond with the brindled baby. Ultimately, this particular volunteer loved Dodger so much, she wanted to take him home and have him become a part of her family!

Having bonded with his new mom before going home really helped Dodger transition to his new home. It was expected that he’d have a hard time adjusting to, yet again, another new environment. Still, his new mom and dad worked diligently on Dodger’s training and care. They brought Dodger to our training classes, kept him mentally and physically active with exercise and enrichment toys, and wholeheartedly accepted our counseling to help Dodger be the best he could be with his new family!

Dodger has been quite busy since being adopted! He graduated from Family Companions 1 and 1.5, and will be starting Family Companions 2 and Scent Class in the spring! He’s been loving his snow time fun with his family and enjoying the enrichment toys he received on Christmas morning. He’s got his puppy dog eyes down to a science and can convince anyone to play endless games of fetch with him! He loves showing off how smart he is to his family and appreciates all the time and attention they’ve showered him. Through all the trials and tribulations, it truly seems that Dodger has found his people! He is certainly one happy boy!

Check out this video of Dodger figuring out one of his Christmas present puzzles! What a smart, spunky sweetheart!