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Adoption Update: Bonkers, now Greyson

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Estimated to be around two years old, Bonkers was found as a stray and brought to our Sanctuary in 2018. Living true to his name, Bonkers was quite a rambunctious boy! He had some issues with nipping and it seemed that his energy was endless! He was certainly a “wild child” at heart that needed a place where he could grow and people that could understand him. Our Sanctuary was the perfect place to help this boy get the specialized handling and care he needed!

Bonkers loved nothing more than play time! Not only did it help release all of his pent up energy, but it was also a great way for him to bond with people! Between volunteers and staff, Bonkers played several times a day to help give him exercise, enrichment, as well as allowing him to feel comfortable around people and his environment. Everyone always made sure to walk in his room with a toy because it was always play time when you’re spending time with Bonkers! With all the attention and now having a positive outlet to burn off his energy, Bonkers began to enjoy sitting with friends, even soaking up some snuggles on the couch. Though his favorite new past time was receiving head scratches with his own personal scratching wand!

When it was time to search for Bonkers’ perfect match, we knew we needed someone that wanted an active cat, but also someone cat savvy to respect his space and understand his signs and signals. He would still nip if overstimulated or if he wasn’t in the petting mood. We wanted to make sure he continued to thrive in a home and wouldn’t result to nipping if his boundaries were crossed. After a year or more of being up for adoption, the team still had high hopes that Bonkers’ perfect match was out there somewhere!

A silver lining of 2020 was that many people now had the time to adopt a new pet into their lives. A woman who had cats all her life with her family, but was looking for her one and only, found Bonkers and knew he was the one for her! She completely understood his boundaries and needs, and loved Bonkers for who he was! After many unsuccessful matches, we finally found Bonkers’ person!

Bonkers now goes by Greyson, and though he had quite the transformation with us at the Sanctuary, he has completely changed as a cat in a home! He’s turned into a total cuddle bug, making sure he gets as close to your face for snuggles as he can! Greyson’s mama makes sure she spoils him any chance she gets! She wrote to us during the holidays, “Baby Grey and I are cuddling in bed right now. He is such a sweet boy. I have been doing a lot of shopping for his Christmas stocking. Santa is going to spoil him rotten this year!” She sent us this adorable photo of the whole family having an R&R day in bed, as well as a video of Greyson snuggling up with her boyfriend!

Its stories like these that shine a beacon of hope for all animals that might seem too “troublesome” to help. We’re so grateful we could provide Greyson a place to receive the patience and care he needed, but even more grateful that he has a family and home of his own to receive that same love. A wonderful happy-ending for everyone involved! We wish Greyson all the best, as well as another holiday season of being spoiled!