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Adoption Update – Amber

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After being passed around from household to household since she was a puppy, it was certainly time for Amber to find one where she can settle down in. And she found just that! Her new family are head over heels for this sweet girl. It looks like she feels the same way!

Originally from Louisiana when she was a puppy, Amber came to the Sanctuary with her sister Estie. They were both anxious dogs, and had a history of misbehaving in their previous homes. Once we got to know them, we found that separating them helped them both blossom into their own personalities and we were able to work them on their individual issues and needs. Amber was very sensitive to meeting new people, but once you gained her trust she was loyal and affectionate.

Amber found her new family in March, 2019. Almost a year after she came to the Sanctuary (she arrived on April Fools Day in 2018) But it was worth the wait! The first time they met, Amber and her family immediately clicked. We were honestly surprised, since Amber was usually very unsure about meeting strangers, but she seemed comfortable around them from the start! She settled into her new home quickly and bonded with the family right away.

Lucky for us, we still got to see Amber while she was in our FC1 class, and she’s doing great! She can hardly contain her excitement when her people get home from work, and loves to snuggle on the couch with them. She has especially bonded with their son, who is home from college for the summer, and Amber couldn’t be happier! We’re so happy that this sweet girl finally found the home she deserves 🙂