Acacia 122918c


Sanctuary Arrival Date

October 2018

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Background Story:

Acacia has been all over the place. She was living with two other cats, Maple and Oakley, in a home, but her people couldn’t keep them when they moved. They were placed temporarily with a neighbor who planned to adopt them out, but unfortunately he passed away. One of the neighbor’s friends was able to keep the cats for a while but not forever. After all that moving around, they are ready to relax and recoup at the sanctuary. Maple came out of her shell right away and got adopted, but she and Oakley are still very shy.

Current Status:

Her and Oakley have been surprisingly friendly recently, perhaps due to a less busy sanctuary or maybe just realizing that humans can be nice! She loves to eat blades of grass and roll around for cheek pets when she’s feeling brave.

Adoption Info:

Calling cat whisperers with a soft spot for shy kitties! Acacia and Oakley are a beautiful pair of 3 year old kitties looking for a quiet home where they can acclimate at their pace, gain in confidence, and receive loving, low-key attention. They just may repay your patience with some of their absolutely adorable headbutts! They are reserved kitties but affectionate and really working on being brave! If you would like to learn more about this sweet golden pair, please contact Donna at 860-242-9999 x 302 or

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