A Tribute to Mikey

After experiencing diabetic ketoacidosis, Mikey came to the Sanctuary in an attempt to give him a good quality of life. Being already a senior and in a serious medical state, he wasn’t given long to live. Regardless of how much time left we had with Mikey, Our Companions wanted to ensure he was well-cared for and unconditionally loved. As time went on, Mikey proved how much of a fighter he was by getting stronger each day.

We were able to get his diabetes under control and find a great care plan to get him on the right track to becoming a healthy, happy cat. He would greet his visitors by the door and absolutely love his little “Mikey snacks” to help with his diabetes. Despite his immobility issues, he would use the stairs to the couch to get pets from his friends. He would go on your lap and get as close to you as possible to show his gratitude and love for the care we’ve been giving him. He was feeling so much better, we even thought he was healthy enough to put him up for adoption and find a nice “retirement” home for this senior sweetheart.

However, during his time with us, he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and had many ups and downs with his health over the last several months. Mikey made frequent vet visits, particularly to drain the abdominal fluid build-up he was experiencing. During one visit, he had over a 1lb of fluid built up in such a small body. He was closely monitored and cared for each day over the past year to ensure he wasn’t suffering, but comfortable and content. Staff recording and evaluated his breathing rate, appetite, mobility, personality/mood, and much more, every single day. We wanted to make sure we were meeting Mikey’s every need to live a happy life, regardless of how long it would be.

Despite the fluctuations in his health, he was still very kind and enjoyed the company of his visitors. On good days, he would still come up on the stairs to greet you on the couch. Even with his weakened body, he would still push himself to get right on top of you to get as close to you as possible. His tenacity to keep pushing was an inspiration to everyone around him. We celebrated each day we had with Mikey; his snuggles, snacks, and kisses. In the last year he’s been with us, he’s touched the hearts of many at the Sanctuary and we thank every single person that loved Mikey just as their own. The love you showed Mikey gave him the strength to enjoy each day until it was time for him to say his goodbyes.