A Tribute to Clementine

Clementine was brought to animal control early last year after his owner passed away. We don’t know much about his life in the home, but his story with us started when he came to the Sanctuary in May of 2018. He was estimated to be between 12-14 years old and had to get shaved prior to his arrival due to matted fur.  Clementine also had difficulty moving around due to severe arthritis and weak muscles in his joints. Still, he was the cuddliest, kindest cat with a heart of gold. He was known as an “expert headbutt distributor” and appreciated all the affection and love he received at the Sanctuary.

To help with his mobility issues, Sanctuary staff created a well-balanced medical plan of supplements, medications, physical therapy, and good old exercise. He was getting more and more comfortable with moving around and getting stronger every day. He would strut his stuff down the hallway of Jane’s Place as onlookers would cheer him on for being such a brave boy! He was one of the very first cats to try out the new play yard and pushed boundaries that no other Sanctuary cat has done before! Everyone was incredibly proud of him and his tenacity to go a little further each time, especially at an older age.

Though over time, both Sanctuary staff and volunteers started to notice a severe decrease in mobility. There were days that he didn’t want to get up at all and would lay there ready for his daily dose of cuddles and affection from his friends. This decrease in mobility led to other health issues and many trips to the vet. Both staff and volunteers worked diligently on tracking his progress and health to ensure he received the best possible care and treatment.

Sadly, Clementine continued to have a sharp decline in function and in health. It was becoming harder for him to move around properly and was experiencing intense intestinal distress. We were all hoping for the best, but preparing ourselves for the worst. During his next vet appointment, he decided to surprise everyone by moving around, eating, and seeking affection! He seemed to be bouncing back to his old self, ready to get back up on his paws!

We had a couple more months with Clementine until he let us know it was time to go. He became low to non-responsive at that point and was ready to cross the rainbow bridge. Those last couple months proved his tenacity to overcome all the obstacles he’s had in life. In those last few weeks, he wanted to have his proper goodbyes to all of the friends he made at the Sanctuary and to thank them for the unconditional love he received. Throughout everything, he was still the most loving and affectionate cat. He showed us, that despite the hardships in life, to look for the beauty and love, especially the friends you meet along the way. You’ll always be a part of our hearts, Clem.