A Little Joy – January Sanctuary Update

Hi Everyone!
I think we’ve all experienced how emotionally tough the months of January and February can be. Short days, brutal cold, snow mishaps, post-holiday blahs. And that’s in a normal year, without the added stress of pandemic and other concerns. It can be tough to muster the motivation to keep on track to spring. Luckily, when you have pets in your life, finding moments of joy can be a little easier, no matter how grey the season.

At the sanctuary, the dog and cat teams use a communication tool that helps us spread information and coordinate efforts easily on our computers and phones. However, a secondary function is for us to share fun and happy moments with each other, some of which end up in social media or adoption profiles.
So at this drab time of year, I wanted to share with you some of the joy we’ve been experiencing at the sanctuary, in hopes of bringing you all a little joy where you are.

Unfortunately, this month, we had something happen that made finding joy just a little tougher. Our lovable old man, Merlin, passed away a few days ago. He had never been in great health during his time with us, but he was always so full of sweetness. It was hard to see him decline, but we can know that we gave him all the love and care we could, and made sure he had the best life possible while he was here. We’ll miss him.

And of Course…Adoptions!!
January was a little slow for adoption action. We had two cats, Izzy and Noodles, go home this month. Arriving this month in our cat world were Keiko, Moose, and Parsnip and Penguin.


  1. Diane Braunschweiger on February 3, 2021 at 4:50 pm

    Thank you for giving Merlin so much love and care! He was special. His former owner passed away just this past Spring. I’m sure they’ll find each other on the other side.

    A special thank you to Karen for making his stay possible. You folks are the best! Diane Braunschweiger