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Sanctuary Arrival Date

July 2022

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Wallace, Gromit, and Totti were three cats involved in an extreme hoarding case in CT involving over 200 pets, about 150 were cats. The cats were in cages for over five weeks at a nearby school as the town went into action to assess each animal, provide care, and figure out placement. Given our limited space, we welcomed the three cats that were all able to share a room together. We welcomed Wallace, Gromit, and Totti to our Sanctuary in July of 2022, but sadly Gromit’s health was failing, possibly due to inbreeding and lack of vet care, and he passed away. Estimated to be around 7-9 years old, Wallace and Totti were very under-socialized and needed specialized care and handling as they transitioned to their new environment. It was clear these two never had many interactions with people and needed lots of time to decompress. We’re grateful they at least have each other and we were determined to ensure they felt safe and comfortable.

Over the year, it’s been quite a journey to help these two acclimate to their new surroundings. We’re so grateful to have a nurturing environment at our Sanctuary where they can slowly begin to trust and relax at their own pace. Wallace and Totti never had much interest in being near people, but we did find that they were very interested in making new friends with their fellow felines in the cottage! Socializing and playing with their feline friends, Wallace and Totti started to become more comfortable being close to people and even playing! With more and more positive interactions, even Totti started to rub against legs and hands! A huge achievement from where they once were! Our Cat Team continues to build upon their trust with touch training where they positively associate yummy treats with petting. Totti and Wallace will even climb on your lap and will accept full body pets while licking some yummy treats! We’re so proud of their progress and so thankful for their trust! We look forward to continuing this great work and hoping they can find a home together to flourish even more!