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Sanctuary Arrival Date

July 2022

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Wallace, Gromit, and Totti all came together from a hoarding case in Winchester with almost 200 cats. These babies have been in cages for the past five weeks at the school waiting for a place to go. They are all very shy and will need some time to settle into the Sanctuary.

Current Status:

Wallace continues to do well and isn’t shy anymore and will come out into the other open rooms. He’ll come up for head butts and is now working on paw touching with staff, which he has figured out right away! He’s been enjoying playing with Penny, Niles, and Totti and has been going out onto the catios downstairs often! Once he figured out the cat flap, he had to see all three catios and is exploring more and more each day. He’ll cozy up with Elsie or Totti on the couch and isn’t as spooked by people moving around him anymore.