Stewart 050724d


Sanctuary Arrival Date

April 2024

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Background Story:

Stewart sadly lost his previous owner after he passed and was left alone with nowhere to go. A local animal control officer contacted OC about Stewart, knowing he needed a stable, quiet place to land. We welcomed Stewart to our Sanctuary in 2024 at the age of 8.5 years old. We found that Stewart had experienced urinary blockages in the past and now needed to be on a urinary prescription diet. Stewart was very afraid when we arrived to our Sanctuary, but slowly he is starting to learn he is safe and can trust his new friends. With this newfound trust, Stewart has been very affectionate and sweet to everyone he meets! He does get startled easily, therefore we hope to find him a quiet, loving home where he can thrive!

Adoption Info:

Stewart is a very handsome 8 year old boy with an adorable personality! Although he can be shy at first, he’s sweet, chatty and loves to cuddle once he’s comfortable! He may even show you some love by grooming you and he loves to be brushed himself! He thinks most toys are a little scary, but does like playing with his mouse toy, working on his cardboard scratchers and relaxing in his cat tree and window bed. A quiet adult/older child or teen home where he can shine as your only furry friend would be perfect for sweet Stewart. To learn more about making this affectionate cutie part of your life, please contact [email protected] or 860-242-9999.

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