Background Story:

Shiloh is a 13 year old female calico who was found by her owner as a 6 week old kitten, and has been in that home her entire life. They adopted another cat a few years later which she never got along well with and was constantly bullied by. About 3 years ago they adopted a dog that would chase and scare Shiloh, as well as having 2 small children in the house led her to start having spraying issues and peeing outside of the box. She came to us in January 2023.

Current Status:

Shiloh had a bit of an odd health issue about a month ago, but seems to be recovering well! Staff initially noticed her back end was a bit wobbly and she was fish-tailing a bit. After being examined by the vet, nothing was found to be physically alarming so they questioned if it may be more of a neurological issue. She has been on “bed rest” for the last month to help her feel better and she has turned the corner, and is improving daily! We are still keeping playtime low-key with her now that she has been re-evaluated by the vet and has shown so much physical improvement with rest and lap time! We are so happy to see her feeling better and happier like she usually is!

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