Background Story:

Shiloh was found as a 6 week old kitten on the side of the road and was brought home by the Good Samaritan that found her. A few years later, the family adopted another cat, but they never were able to get along and Shiloh was constantly bullied. Over the years, the family welcomed two young kids and then shortly after adopted a dog. Sadly, the dog would chase Shiloh and she became quite afraid of her environment. Due to the stress, she started to exhibit potty accidents and it was a clear sign she was not happy in the home. The family contact Our Companions for assistance and we welcomed Shiloh to our Sanctuary in January of 2023 at the age of 13 years old.

Once she arrived to our Sanctuary in her own room, Shiloh never had another potty accident to this day! Given she’s only been in one home her entire life, moving to the Sanctuary was a bit scary. However, as soon as she settled in, Shiloh became exceptionally affectionate and chatty! She will happily claim your lap and purr up a storm, giving you lots of cheek rubs! During this time, we started to notice some limited mobility in her back end and noted some sensitivity to touch in that area. After a few vet visits, we suspected she had a fracture in her pelvic area prior to her arrival and she needed to be on limited activity and rest to heal. Though she can still be sensitive in that area, she still enjoys jumping up on your lap or next to you on the couch and will gladly accept lots of head pets! We hope we can find a quiet home for this senior sweetheart where she can be loved and adored, and return that same love to her adopter!

Adoption Info:

Shiloh is affectionate, fun and plays fetch like a dog! She's playful, very intelligent and her perfect day is spent basking in a sunny spot and getting attention! This sweet girl enjoys laps, catnip and brushing. Shiloh would love to be your one and only fur baby in a calm home. She recently had some hind leg mobility issues which have been addressed by her vet (nothing physically alarming nor neurological at this time) and has shown improvement with rest and low key playtimes! Luckily, Shiloh loves a good lap to lay on anyway!! If you would like to learn more about this gorgeous 14 year old Calico, please contact [email protected] or 860-242-9999 x 302.

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