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Sanctuary Arrival Date

July 2021

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Background Story:

Shazam! was left in a carrier on the doorsteps of a small animal shelter, so we don’t know much of his origins beyond that. While in the shelter, he started to display some reactive behaviors, like biting – most likely due to his young age (very playful!) and limited enrichment outlets. Because of his personality, and wanting to make sure the behaviors didn’t get worse/ingrained, they found placement with us at the Sanctuary – where he can have a bigger room to frolic in and burn off all that energy. He’s cute as a button and very friendly, but sometimes those young dudes just need a lot of activity!

Current Status:

Shazam continues to do well with training and enrichment activities with staff. We have recently started training him to ring a bell to let us know when he wants to be brushed. He is very smart and so far he’s doing great and will touch the bell with his paw almost every single time! Now he just has to learn how to put enough pressure on it to make it ding!

Adoption Info:

Are you a cat whisperer looking for an extraordinary cat? If so, meet Shazam! This strikingly handsome 2 year old male is high-energy, always up for interactive wand toy play, enjoys chasing and hunting his toys, loves getting his daily zoomies in and is looking for a home with someone that is very cat savvy. His forever family will need to know how to “speak” cat as he can get overstimulated. He is looking for an adult only home and someone who can give him lots of playtime and dedication to continuing keep him busy and active and he’ll be sure to provide lots of entertainment. He has his downtime and will cuddle up next to you, has a great appetite and litterbox habits. If you think you could be his forever home, please contact [email protected] or 860-242-9999 ext. 302.

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