Shazam 042022e


Sanctuary Arrival Date

July 2021

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Shazam! was left in a carrier on the doorsteps of a small animal shelter, so we don’t know much of his origins beyond that. While in the shelter, he started to display some reactive behaviors, like biting – most likely due to his young age (very playful!) and limited enrichment outlets. Because of his personality, and wanting to make sure the behaviors didn’t get worse/ingrained, they found placement with us at the Sanctuary – where he can have a bigger room to frolic in and burn off all that energy. He’s cute as a button and very friendly, but sometimes those young dudes just need a lot of activity!

Current Status:

Shazam! has been doing well in his new room, and is pretty settled in. His favorite spot to nap in the window bed area, and he stays there most times now when staff enters his room rather than him trying to run out. He recently was put on another medication to help calm him down and along with staff doing mat training with him, his energy levels are at a much better place. He loves to help staff with laundry, and tries to sit in the laundry basket all the time!