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Background Story:

Princess (AKA Putri in Balinese) is a Bali Heritage Dog and a very unusual breed. She hails from the island of Bali and is an ancient breed that is indigenous to that area.

Adoption Info:

Her rescuer found her on the streets of Bali at around 8 months- she was starving, had lost all of her hair, and was incredibly fearful of humans. Once she was finally captured, she was brought to the rescuer's compound where Princess spent the next many weeks hiding in the bushes, only coming out to eat.
The turning point in her recovery came from being with the other dogs-if they felt it was safe then Princess began to follow. It has now been almost 2 years since her rescue and she is making such wonderful strides in her recovery but still needs lots of encouragement.
She is a lover of the sunshine, loves to have space to roam outside, likes to "swim" in puddles, and loves her doggie friends!
The home that Princess would like and thrive in is a very special home where she can feel loved and secure. Her family (teens and adults) will need to be very understanding of her shy ways, will take her for hikes and trips to the beach or the rivers.
Another dog her size is equally important- bigger dogs are scary for her! Her new people should be home much of the day so that they can help her continue to bloom and trust the world.
Princess is 20 lbs, is crate trained.
I would love to fill you in with more information about Princess! Call Our Companions Animal Rescue at 860-242-9999 or e-mail helpline@ourcompanions.org

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