Precious Gifts – December Sanctuary Update

Hi Everyone!

As the year draws to a close, things really do start racing by at an especially hectic pace. There’s so much to plan and arrange, schedules to negotiate, people to call, and, if you’re like me, so much last minute cleaning to do. And here at the sanctuary, it’s no different. We’re playing all kinds of schedule gymnastics to make sure the staff get to spend time with their families, arranging end of year thank you’s and recognitions, and making plans to hit the new year running. Then, there’s the all important end of year fundraising to keep everyone jumping. And, of course, expansion construction adds a whole other level to the runaround. It can be a crazy time of year, but that just makes it all the more important to pause and recognize all the little gifts around us right now and all year round.

There’s so many little things to notice and enjoy as we race through our days. The quiet chirp of a cat requesting your attention. The warmth of a dog’s head on your lap. Even the less pleasant parts of the season have their upsides. The frosty cold outside means getting to break out the comfy wool socks.

Then there are those special little gifts that you only get from working and volunteering at the sanctuary. We get to see the beautiful scenery over our gorgeous pond. We get to watch the stunning birds and other wildlife, including the return of Theodore, our resident hawk and pest control manager.

Most fulfilling though, is that we get to interact with and learn from such a unique assortment of dogs and cats. How many of your friends and family can say they’ve had a one eyed pug scream for joy at their arrival? How much have we all gotten to learn about cat play and training from Captain and Linus? And where else would you get to build relationships with diabetics, tripods, blind or deaf dogs and cats day in and day out.

And of course, there’s getting to spend time with the caring and gracious staff and volunteers here. It’s all such a gift. I hope you enjoy it!

Champ thanks all volunteers for new toys and cute accessories!
Meringue’s favorite gift this year is cuddles with Caitlin
Arya’s favorite thing about the holidays? All things food!
Wavy Gravy believes in leaving cookies for Santa… and himself!

Sweet Talk

Hi Everyone!

There are some big shoes to fill taking over this important job, but we sure have the giant paws to do it. As we’ve settled into our new home in the corner office, we’ve gotten a unique view of everything that goes on here. The people, the cars and trucks, and the dogs buzzing around the place all day long. It’s quite an entertaining scene. The most striking thing to see is all the joy on everyone’s faces. No matter what everyone is working on, it’s plain to see how happy everyone is to be here. It’s such a gift to be in this special place to heal and thrive before going to a forever home. There’s so much warmth all around, who could ask for anything more?

See you soon!

Meringue and Marshmallow

And of Course…Adoptions!!

In a fun holiday turnaround, Oakley, who returned to us last month after his new home didn’t work out, went right back out the door to live with one of our volunteers. It made us all so happy to see the shy guy find his way home again. That made room for the arrival of our new shy girl, Shiloh.

Thank you all so much for whatever way you support us and our mission. We couldn’t do it without you.

Jon Phillips

Sanctuary Director

[email protected]