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Sanctuary Arrival Date

October 2020

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Niles was found in a community cat colony near Niles Street in Hartford. He wasn’t feral, which means he would be much happier living in a home! The volunteer caring for this colony also noticed something wrong with his eyelids, and he underwent surgery for a condition called entropion – in which the eyelids aren’t flush with the eyeball and cause irritation. After his surgery, this shy guy made his way to the Sanctuary and enjoys making friends with our other feline guests.

Current Status:

Niles has had his ups and downs with his eye medication lately, but he’s usually quick to recover once he’s let out of his room to play with his fellow felines. He’s taken an interest in Penny, but now he also likes to play with Wallace and Totti. They will follow each other around and chase after each other in a playful way. Niles likes to mingle throughout everyone’s room downstairs and is always finding new places to nap!