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Sanctuary Arrival Date

July 2023

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Neo was originally surrendered to Mansfield Animal Control after he was owned by a UCONN student who wanted to use him as an ambassador for his online clothing line. He also got a female American Bulldog who was an exotic color so he favored her, and Neo was neglected. He was not allowed to have dogs at his apartment so he was surrendered to Animal Control while the other dog was taken by a friend. Neo is a 1 ½ year old American Bulldog. He was adopted from the pound but returned for being mouthy with his new adopters. Our staff and volunteers were working with him through the Adopt-A-Shelter Program, and Neo even came to our Family Companion 1 class in Manchester before we had space to have him join us at the Sanctuary.

Neo has shown some of his previous behaviors of being mouthy and destructive,, but we have the time to work with him to teach him new ways. We’ve been making sure he’s keeping busy with walks, play yard time, training, and enrichment activities to help him find positive ways to release his energy. He’s also been socializing with a few of our other guests, Missy and Milo, and the group often take walks together. They’ve been enjoying each other’s company and will often look for each other when they go for walks to see if their friends will join them!