Sanctuary Arrival Date

June 2023

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Mimi is a blind purebred Manx who came to us with the other cats in her previous home, Louie and Pearl. Her owner had to enter into assisted living and could not take them with her. We welcomed all three cats to our Sanctuary in 2023 when Mimi was estimated to be 15 years old. She didn’t get along with her feline sibling, Louie and Pearl, therefore we provided Mimi her own room, which she appreciated since she loves lots of attention from her human friends!

Despite being blind, Mimi acclimated to her new room fairly well. Our Cat Team ensures all of the objects in her room, cat scratchers, beds, etc., are always put back in the same place after cleaning so Mimi can navigate properly in her room. With her old age and blindness, Mimi is incontinent and does frequently have potty accidents. Staff give her a daily “bottom bath” to make sure she’s clean and feeling good. Thankfully, she doesn’t mind her baths and will even make biscuits while getting bathed! Just shows how sweet and grateful she is of her care, and we’re so grateful to spend time with such a lovely girl!