Sanctuary Arrival Date

June 2023

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At 15 years old, Mimi is a blind purebred Manx who came to us with the other cats in her previous home, Louie and Pearl. Her owner had to enter into assisted living and could not take them with her. She didn’t get along with her former cat mates and is in her own space here at the Sanctuary.

Current Status:

Mimi has recently been introduced to the outdoors on her catio and she loves it! The cat flap would probably be a little tricky for her since she is blind, so staff and volunteers will open her door and go sit with her out there and she loves to smell the fresh air and listen to the birds and crickets. We’re thrilled she enjoys being out there her enrichment has been expanded a bit! She also has shown us she likes to play with solo toys, and a rattle mouse toy since she can follow the sound.